If you’re looking for tasty and fresh Mexican recipes, you’re in luck. We have everything you need to make gourmet-quality Mexican recipes.

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    Fiesta Corn

    1 review

    Corn with tomatoes and jalapenos is one of the first dishes I cooked for my husband. Don’t like heat? Use green bell peppers instead of jalapenos. —Cassandra Ramirez, Bardstown, Kentucky

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    Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Burgers with Guacamole

    6 reviews

    My husband and I are down for anything with guacamole, so it's no wonder that we love these smoking-hot burgers!...

    Artichoke & Jalapeno Crab Dip

    This has always been a great potluck dish—I haven't found anyone yet who hasn't loved it! The rich and creamy...

    Jalapeno Cheese Dip

    Here's a great dip that cooks in the microwave in a matter of minutes. It's perfect to serve to unexpected...

    Huevos Diablos

    You'll think these eggs really do have a bit of devil's heat in them. For a milder version, remove the...

    Texas Jalapeno Jelly

    8 reviews

    A jar of this sweet and spicy jelly is always warmly appreciated. To add an extra southwestern accent, I trim...

    Pepper Poppers

    35 reviews

    These creamy stuffed jalapenos have some bite. They may be the most popular treats I make! My husband is always...

    Jalapeno Appetizer Pancakes

    1 review

    Jalapeno peppers and mozzarella cheese give a tasty twist to these bite-size pancakes made from a mix. "My grandchildren love...

    Arizona Cornbread

    4 reviews

    Unlike other cornbreads, this one uses yeast. With oil and sour cream, this moist, tender loaf has a bit of...

    Spicy Refried Beans

    2 reviews

    Need a quick appetizer? All you need is a can of refried beans, jalapeno pepper, seasonings and cheese. Serve with...

    Sausage-Stuffed Jalapenos

    40 reviews

    If you like foods that pack a bit of a punch, you’ll love these jalapeno poppers filled
    with sausage...

    Sweet & Smoky Salsa

    1 review

    I love the roasted flavor that grilling gives food, so I decided to make a salsa from grilled vegetables. I...

    Jalapeno Popper & Sausage Dip

    13 reviews

    My workplace had an appetizer contest, and I won it with my jalapeno and cheese dip. Every time I take...

    Jalapeno Poppers with Lime Cilantro Dip

    8 reviews

    Crispy and crunchy with a creamy filling, these little pepper bites always earn rave reviews. They're fit for any event,...

    Red Pepper Jalapeno Muffins

    3 reviews

    These moist, spicy muffins boast as much flavor as color. They go great with soups and salads. Substitute a can...

    Taco Chili

    Our family loves tacos and taco salad, so I thought it would be fun to make soup that tastes like...

    Down Home Hush Puppies

    2 reviews

    Hush puppies is a classic side served at many get-togethers in the south. The sweet and spicy flavor has delighted...

    Peppered Corn

    2 reviews

    This peppy side dish is always the first to disappear whenever I take it to a potluck.—Kim Garner, Batesville, Arkansas

    Sweet Potato Cheese Ball

    1 review

    My husband and I farm 300 acres of sweet potatoes. I promote our product at fairs, ag expos and school...

    Cheesy Taco Chili

    3 reviews

    This recipe was created out of desperation when everyone was hungry and I only had a few items on hand....

    Peppery Black Bean Salsa

    3 reviews

    I love foods that surprise the senses with a tempting mix of textures and colors—like this one. Use this as...

    Zippy Corn Chowder

    6 reviews

    "This thick colorful chowder was so well received the first time I made it that some of us had to...

    Tomato Chili Dip

    1 review

    "This fresh-tasting dip is excellent for summer barbecues and picnics," relates Rachael Santarsiero of Orange City, Iowa.

    Pepper Jelly

    2 reviews

    This spicy-sweet jelly is colored for Christmas...and flavored right for year-round use. Our test kitchen staff recommends spreading it on...

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    Jalapeno Pepper Appetizers

    17 reviews

    These appetizers are so easy to make and they taste so good. I have to warn you that eating them...

    Stuffed Jalapenos

    2 reviews

    Cool cream cheese contrasts nicely with slightly spicy peppers in this simple recipe.—Sandra Thorn, Sonora, California

    Zesty Colorado Chili

    Chili is a hearty winter staple up here in the mountains—especially for outdoor lovers like the two of us! —Beverly...

    Meaty Three-Bean Chili

    4 reviews

    Meet the Cook: Doubling this recipe is automatic for me - just about everyone wants more than one bowl! If...

    Cheese-Stuffed Jalapenos

    "Folks gobble up these taste-tempting stuffed peppers," relates Gay Nell Nicholas of Henderson, Texas. "They have a crisp golden coating,...

    Chili-Spiced Chicken Breasts

    1 review

    Spicing up dinnertime at her house in Lockney, Texas is a snap for Stacy Nutt when she bakes this zippy...