If you’re looking for tasty and fresh Mexican recipes, you’re in luck. We have everything you need to make gourmet-quality Mexican recipes.

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Spicy Stuffed Banana Peppers

Banana peppers can be very tricky: Sometimes they are hot and sometimes they are not. If you want to be on the safe side, I recommend using Bianca peppers instead, which are a more sweet type of pepper. —Danielle Lee, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Green Chile Brunch Bake

3 reviews

It's easy to make this ahead in a 13x9 inch pan. It's filling, perfect for a crowd, and helps busy...

Potato and Chorizo Casserole

9 reviews

I love the smoky flavor chorizo gives this dish, but I’ve also made it with Italian sausage and substituted an...

Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Ring

4 reviews

People go crazy when I bring this loaded crescent ring to parties. I can bake it at home and take...

Warm-You-Up Sausage Quiche

7 reviews

To remind my daughter of wintertime in her home state, I planned a snowman theme brunch while visiting her in...

Salsa Sausage Quiche

1 review

A prepared pastry crust hurries along the assembly of this hearty appetizer from Dorothy Sorensen of Naples, Florida. "Served with...

Corn Tortilla Quiche

5 reviews

A corn tortilla crust makes this tasty quiche a snap to assemble. "Cheesy wedges are great for breakfast, lunch or...

Hearty Black-Eyed Pea Soup

10 reviews

Alice Jarrell of Dexter, Missouri waited a long time to get this favorite recipe—but it was well worth it. "I...

Sausage Potato Wraps

With our busy schedule, we're always on the lookout for quick recipes. My husband came up with these mouthwatering wraps...

Taco Mac

12 reviews

This zesty taco mac and cheese is just as yummy the next day. Simply warm it up and garnish with...

Cheesy Sausage Nachos

This dish is very versatile. It can be used as an entree or appetizer. It gets rave reviews either way.

Sausage-Filled Stars

3 reviews

My family loves these snacks with a savory sausage-cheese filling. The star shape makes them perfect for Christmas.

Slow-Cooked Chunky Chili

20 reviews

Pork sausage, ground beef and plenty of beans make this chili a marvelous meal. I keep serving-size containers of it...

Fiesta Cornbread & Sausage Strata

1 review

I like to break away from traditional breakfast bakes, so I experimented and came up with this sweet-savory cornbread and...

Cheesy Sausage Dip

1 review

The garlic really comes through in this crowd-pleasing cheese dip. It's one of our family's all-time favorites. I serve it...

Super-Duper Chili

15 reviews

No one ever guesses the "secret ingredient" in this recipe that I created. A can of mushroom soup is what...

Mushroom Salsa Chili

18 reviews

Green, sweet red and yellow peppers give this hearty chili a splash of color. I often fix it for my...

Sausage-Stuffed Jalapenos

40 reviews

If you like foods that pack a bit of a punch, you’ll love these jalapeno poppers filled
with sausage...

Queso Fundido

4 reviews

Dig in to this rich, warm one-skillet dip, topped with fresh tomato and green onions, and enjoy the gooey cheese...

Jalapeno Popper & Sausage Dip

13 reviews

My workplace had an appetizer contest, and I won it with my jalapeno and cheese dip. Every time I take...

Sausage Onion Chili

When people request this recipe, they're surprised to see onion soup as an ingredient.—Denise VonStein, Shiloh, Ohio

Chili Sausage Supper

1 review

The pork sausage in this savory dish offers plenty of flavor, and the chili powder adds a little kick. “It’s...

Sausage Cheese Brunch Squares

Here's a cheesy sausage dish that always gives my breakfast crowd a stick-to-the-ribs jump start on Christmas morning.

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Easy Tamale Pie

5 reviews

My whole family really enjoys Mexican food. When I'm in a hurry, I make this zippy deep-dish pie. It always...

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Easy Cheesy Loaded Grits

9 reviews

A tasty bowl of grits inspired me to develop my own recipe with sausage, green chiles and cheeses. It just...

One-Bite Tamales

1 review

Clever little meatballs deliver the flavor and rich sauce of a traditional tamale in a bite-sized portion. They’re a delightfully...

Super Nacho Appetizer

3 reviews

Mexican food is popular for potluck gatherings here in South Texas, and this dish always brings "oohs" and "aahs". It's...

Sausage Rye Melts

In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Rose Maldet assembles these simple openface sandwiches, which are easy on the pocketbook at just 96¢ each....

Sausage ‘n’ Broccoli Corn Muffins

Serve these along with a bowl of chili, and you have a hit for a cold weather day.—Verlene Hendricks, Roswell,...

Tomato Sausage Polenta

"Won't you stay for supper?" is a question our family asks friends often. That's why I've got plenty of recipes...