If you’re looking for tasty and fresh Mexican recipes, you’re in luck. We have everything you need to make gourmet-quality Mexican recipes.

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Cinnamon Chocolate Cake

5 reviews

A healthy hint of cinnamon gives this chocolate cake an extra step up over the expected sheet cake. Its sweet frosting is full of crunchy pecans. —Victor Clifford, San Jose, California

Chocolaty Mexican Wedding Cake

1 review

Bits of unsweetened chocolate add a deliciously different twist to typical Mexican Wedding Cakes. It wouldn't be Christmas without these...

Cinnamon Chocolate Nachos

7 reviews

Field editor Kathy Kittell from Lenexa, Kansas found a “sweet” way to serve nachos. “It’s the perfect variation for my...

Mexican Chocolate Crinkles

1 review

I love to bake. In fact, my first time baking from scratch is still vivid in my memory. This recipe...

Mexican Chocolate Sugar Crisps

5 reviews

My grandma loved these so much, she would hide them from my grandpa! I think of her every time I...