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Venison Chili

3 reviews

"This meaty chili is nicely seasoned and has gotten many 'very good' responses from my friends," says Gary Urness of Kenyon, Minnesota. "It's easy to make."

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Venison Chili con Carne

Kim Vaughn of Hampton, Virginia shares this thick, spicy chili that’s served over rice. “The venison is tender, and the...

Wild West Chili

4 reviews

My sister-in-law, who has cooked for many years at the family ranch, shared this hearty recipe with me. I make...

Venison Fajitas

4 reviews

Use either venison or elk in this recipe, and you'll be pleased with the results! "My husband asks for these...

Venison Tortilla Lasagna

2 reviews

I always keep a copy of this recipe around, because every time someone new tries this lasagna, they want to...