If you’re looking for tasty and fresh Mexican recipes, you’re in luck. We have everything you need to make gourmet-quality Mexican recipes.

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Jicama Slaw

1 review

For a change of pace from cabbage slaw, why not give jicama a try? The jicama adds a sweet, nutty flavor to this flavorful slaw.

Southwestern Apple Slaw

Three varieties of apples add color and crunch to this special coleslaw. It has a nice balance of both sweet...

Southern Coleslaw

11 reviews

Lime and cilantro add refreshing accents to this tangy, yummy slaw. It's perfect for a summer get-together.—Laurel Leslie, Sonora, California

Southwest Iceberg Slaw

1 review

Leah Lyon of Ada, Oklahoma often rounds out a meal with Southwest Iceberg Slaw. "It's a cool, light and versatile...

Calypso Coleslaw

6 reviews

“My family loves this coleslaw variation,” writes Cathy Heacox, Sikeston of Missouri. Its refreshing flavor and speedy prep make it...

Spanish Slaw

Colorful and tangy, this coleslaw adds some zip to an ordinary meal. Try it and see if it doesn't perk...

Fiesta Coleslaw

3 reviews

Coleslaw with a touch of heat makes a zesty side for barbecued chicken or pork. I also pile it on...

Jicama Slaw with Peanuts

1 review

Peanuts add interest and crunch to a crisp coleslaw featuring jicama and tangerines. For a creamy dressing, I sometimes stir...

Three-Pepper Coleslaw

4 reviews

There are never any leftovers when I make this dish for a picnic, barbecue or any social gathering. —Priscilla Gilbert,...

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Texas Two-Step Slaw

10 reviews

Shared by Sharon Wencel of Austin, Texas, this quick and colorful slaw is laced with ranch dressing. “It's a family...