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Apple Cheese Wraps

These tortilla-wrapped apple and cheese treats are a light alternative to apple pie, notes Grace Malone from Lafayette, Colorado. "They're also a fun brunch item," she says.

Fruit ‘n’ Nut Chili

3 reviews

Apples, slivered almonds and cocoa add a new taste to chili.

Apple Brie Quesadillas

3 reviews

With onions, apples and cheese, these quesadillas are a surprising change from typical versions. They have sweet and savory flavors...

Pam’s Pineapple Cranberry Salsa

Apples and cranberries give this salsa a holiday flavor, while garlic and jalapenos give it just the kick salsa needs....

Zippy Chipotle Butternut Squash Soup

1 review

The combination of butternut squash and apples in this soup reminds me of autumn, which is my favorite season. The...

Southwestern Apple Slaw

Three varieties of apples add color and crunch to this special coleslaw. It has a nice balance of both sweet...

Cran-Apple Salsa

1 review

Here’s a festive twist on traditional holiday cranberry relish. Says Jody Bauer of Balaton, Minnesota: "This salsa packs a tart-sweet...

Cumin Chicken With Apples

1 review

A mixture of onions, apples and mushrooms seasoned with cumin and Worcestershire sauce enhances this tender chicken dish from field...

Chipotle-Apple Chicken Breasts

4 reviews

"The sweetness of the apple, the smokiness of the bacon and the heat from the chipolte pepper blends so well...

Chipotle Sweet Potato and Spiced Apple Purees

3 reviews

I used to make this dish with lots of butter, brown sugar and cream. I slimmed it down and this...

Spiced Apple Chili

8 reviews

Nothing says fall like chili and apples. I use smoked paprika to give this slightly sweet chili a smoky kick....

Caramel Apple Burritos

1 review

This recipe is fun to experiment with. I've made them with different varieties of apples and have substituted applesauce or...

Apple Chicken Quesadillas

20 reviews

My sister came up with an easy recipe that can be served as a main course or an appetizer. People...

Fruit Salad Salsa with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

1 review

Salsa with strawberries, blueberries and nectarines makes a refreshing side dish. We scoop it up using tortilla chips sprinkled with...