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31 Slow-Cooker Recipes For May

May meal planning has never been easier. These slow-cooker recipes will help you eat well all month long.

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Day 1: Greek Shrimp OrzoTaste of Home

Day 1: Greek Shrimp Orzo

This is one of our favorites. It's delicious, satisfying and reheats well. My husband would rather have “the orzo dish” than go out to eat. Serve it with crusty bread and salad. —Molly Seidel, Edgewood, New Mexico

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Day 2: Country-Style Pork LoinTaste of Home

Day 2: Country-Style Pork Loin

This pork roast is so moist and tender, it melts in your mouth. My son puts it at the top of his list of favorite foods. We like it with mashed potatoes. —Corina Flansberg, Carson City, Nevada

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Day 3: Slow-Cooker Beef and BroccoliTaste of Home

Day 3: Slow-Cooker Beef and Broccoli

I love introducing my kids to all kinds of flavors. This Asian-inspired slow-cooker beef and broccoli meal is one of their favorites, so I serve it often. —Brandy Stansbury, Edna, Texas

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Day 4: Greek Chicken with Green BeansTaste of Home

Day 4: Greek Chicken with Green Beans

My Greek grandmother made the most delicious Greek chicken and green beans with a lemon-tomato flavor. Whenever I make this slow-cooker recipe, I think of her. The juices from the chicken help flavor the green beans, but the beans can be prepared alone as a side dish without the chicken. —Elizabeth Lindemann, Driftwood, Texas

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Day 5: Cilantro-Lime ChickenTaste of Home

Day 5: Cilantro-Lime Chicken

As a working mom and home cook, I strive to serve fabulous, flavor-packed dinners that make my family smile, like this tasty cilantro-lime chicken. There is nothing more awesome than a slow-cooker recipe that makes it seem as though you've been cooking in the kitchen all day! —Mari Smith, Ashburn, Virginia

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Day 6: Melt-in-Your-Mouth SausagesTaste of Home

Day 6: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Sausages

My family loves this recipe. It’s such a good all-around dish, either for sandwiches like these or served with hot cooked spaghetti.

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Day 7: Smoky White Beans & HamTaste of Home

Day 7: Smoky White Beans & Ham

I had never made or eaten this dish before meeting my husband here in Kentucky. Now I make it at least once a week. I serve it with some homemade sweet cornbread. Delicious! —Christine Duffy, Sturgis, Kentucky

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Day 8: Butter Chicken MeatballsTaste of Home

Day 8: Butter Chicken Meatballs

My husband and I love meatballs, and we love butter chicken. Before an appetizer party, we had the brilliant idea to combine these two loves, and the new creation got rave reviews! Want them as a main dish? Just serve with basmati rice. —Shannon Dobos, Calgary, Alberta

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Day 9: BBQ Brats

Day 9: BBQ Brats

In Wisconsin, brats are a food group! We are always looking for new ways to cook them. This recipe is easy and a hit at any tailgate party or cookout, any time of year. —Jessica Abnet, DePere, Wisconsin

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Day 10: Black & White Bean ChiliTaste of Home

Day 10: Black & White Bean Chili

This is a healthy and filling meal that even the kids love! The satisfying chili is great for football games or potluck dinners. —Katti Scott, Manteo, North Carolina

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Day 11: Cheesy Turkey Meat LoafTaste of Home

Day 11: Cheesy Turkey Meat Loaf

Nothing says comfort food better than meat loaf! Get this one started in the morning and you’ll have a fantastic hot meal ready even by lunchtime. —Deanna Martinez Bey, Wake Forest, North Carolina

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Day 12: Coffee-Braised Roast BeefTaste of Home

Day 12: Coffee-Braised Roast Beef

This recipe has been a family tradition since 1974. The meat is quick and flavorful, so it's a nice welcome home after a long day of work. The coffee adds an intriguing flavor to the roast, and the juices can be thickened for a delicious gravy.—Nancy Schuler, Belle Fourche, South Dakota

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Day 13: Carolina-Style Vinegar BBQ ChickenTaste of Home

Day 13: Carolina-Style Vinegar BBQ Chicken

I live in Georgia, but I appreciate the tangy, sweet taste of Carolina barbecue chicken. In fact, my sons are more likely to show up to dinner if they know I'm serving this slow cooker recipe. —Ramona Parris, Canton, Georgia

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Day 14: Cajun Pork and RiceTaste of Home

Day 14: Cajun Pork and Rice

I created this recipe upon returning home from traveling. With little food in the house, I used what was there. My husband loves this dish because it's tasty, and I love it because it's easy. —Allison Gapinski, Cary, North Carolina

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Day 15: Sweet & Sour Pork WrapsTaste of Home

Day 15: Sweet & Sour Pork Wraps

We always make these wraps at our family's annual party, and they're a true favorite. The cabbage and cilantro give them tempting texture and flavor. —Andrew DeVito, Hartford, Connecticut

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Day 16: Slow-Cooked Beef EnchiladasTaste of Home

Day 16: Slow-Cooked Beef Enchiladas

Enchiladas get a beefy boost of goodness from slow-cooked roast. When the meat is done, assemble with tortillas and bake. Top with lettuce and tomatoes if desired. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Day 17: PB&J Pork SandwichesTaste of Home

Day 17: PB&J Pork Sandwiches

I came up with this recipe for one of my daughters who loves peanut butter and pork! The result has become a favorite, and kids and grown-ups alike often request it for dinner. —Jill Cox, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Day 18: Sausage, Artichoke & Sun-Dried Tomato Ragu	Taste of Home

Day 18: Sausage, Artichoke & Sun-Dried Tomato Ragu

This is a thick and hearty spaghetti sauce that's simple to prepare. Like all good spaghetti sauces, this one tastes even better the next day. If you prefer a little celery or bell pepper in your sauce, go ahead and throw them in. The results will still amaze. —Aysha Schurman, Ammon, Idaho

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Day 19: Sausage with Jalapeno PotatoesTaste of Home

Day 19: Sausage with Jalapeno Potatoes

While we were in Texas, my husband and I came up with this dish for weekend cookouts. This one is for meat and potato lovers everywhere. —Rose Smith, Royalton, Illinois

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Day 20: Farm-Style BBQ Ribs

Day 20: Farm-Style BBQ Ribs

Inspiration struck when I saw a recipe like this one in a newspaper. My version was an instant hit with my husband and friends. When I discovered how easy it is to make in the slow cooker, it got even better. —Bette Jo Welton, Eugene, Oregon

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Day 21: Cheesy Ham & Corn ChowderTaste of Home

Day 21: Cheesy Ham & Corn Chowder

When the day calls for a warm bowl of chunky soup, we make a big pot of the goods—potatoes, corn, ham and cheese. —Andrea Laidlaw, Shady Side, Maryland

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Day 22: Slow Cooker Sausage LasagnaTaste of Home

Day 22: Slow Cooker Sausage Lasagna

On especially cold winter days, my family loves this with mild Italian sausage. I agree about the cold days, but I prefer a spicy sausage blend, which gives it a bit of a zing. —Cindi DeClue, Anchorage, Alaska

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Day 23: Tangy Orange Chicken ThighsTaste of Home

Day 23: Tangy Orange Chicken Thighs

Here's a quick-prep recipe for tender, flavorful chicken in a tangy tomato-based sauce. You can easily double or triple the recipe, depending on the size of your slow cooker. —Dahlia Abrams, Detroit, Michigan

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Day 24: Meat Lover's Pizza Hot Dish

Day 24: Meat Lover's Pizza Hot Dish

I make this hearty casserole for the men who help us out during harvest time. Every year they say it’s the best, hands down. Throw in any pizza toppings your family likes—Canadian bacon, black olives and green peppers are some of our picks. —Brook Bothun, Canby, Minnesota

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Day 25: Double-Duty Chicken with Olives & ArtichokesTaste of Home

Day 25: Double-Duty Chicken with Olives & Artichokes

My grandmother came from the region around Seville, Spain, where olives are produced. They get a starring role in her scrumptious chicken. —Suzette Zara, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Day 26: Stuffed Turkey with Mojo SauceTaste of Home

Day 26: Stuffed Turkey with Mojo Sauce

I love Latin food so I created this recipe that combines wonderful spices and fresh ingredients. This is a traditional turkey recipe with a healthier twist because it uses chicken sausage instead of chorizo. —Melissa Lauer, San Antonio, Texas

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Day 27: Slow-Cooked Beef Burritos with Green ChilesTaste of Home

Day 27: Slow-Cooked Beef Burritos with Green Chiles

I created this recipe years ago, and it has become such a favorite that the wonderful aroma of it cooking makes my family instantly happy. It is hearty, flavorful and easy to prepare, and uses the long, slow cook time that truly defines comfort food. —Sally Pahler, Palisade, Colorado

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Day 28: BBQ Chicken SlidersTaste of Home

Day 28: BBQ Chicken Sliders

Brining the meat overnight helps make these BBQ chicken sliders taste exceptionally good. Plus, they're so tender, they melt in your mouth. —Rachel Kunkel, Schell City, Missouri

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Day 29: Slow-Cooked Italian ChickenTaste of Home

Day 29: Slow-Cooked Italian Chicken

With its nicely seasoned tomato sauce, this enticing chicken entree is especially good over pasta or rice. "My father loved it when I made this," writes Deanna D'Auria of Banning, California.

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Day 30: Conga Lime PorkTaste of Home

Day 30: Conga Lime Pork

Dinner guests won’t be too shy to get in line when this yummy chipotle pork moves to the buffet table. —Janice Elder, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Day 31: Beer-Braised Pulled HamTaste of Home

Day 31: Beer-Braised Pulled Ham

To jazz up ham, I slow-cooked it with a beer sauce. Buns loaded with ham, pickles and mustard are irresistible. —Ann Sheehy, Lawrence, Massachusetts

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