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28 Olive Garden Copycat Recipes

Whether you're hankering for keep-'em-coming breadsticks, a sky-high layered lasagna or a sweet slice of tiramisu, you can bring your favorite Olive Garden recipes home with these copycat recipes that taste just like their Italian inspirations.

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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Cheese Ravioli

I love to bake and cook, especially Italian dishes. In fact, my idea of a perfect day consists of cooking my family's favorite foods then watching them dig in!—Lori Daniels, Hartland, Michigan
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Pasta e Fagioli

Here's an Italian favorite made easier by using prepared spaghetti sauce and canned broth for the flavorful base. —Cindy Garland, Limestone, Tennessee
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Breadsticks

I love to experiment in the kitchen with simple ingredients like refrigerated biscuits. The results usually are a big hit, like these superfast breadsticks. —Billy Hensley, Mount Carmel, Tennessee
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Lasagna Classico

Want to know how to make lasagna for a casual holiday meal? You can't go wrong with this deliciously rich meat lasagna recipe. My grown sons and daughter-in-law request it for their birthdays, too. —Pam Thompson, Girard, Illinois
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Chicken Alfredo

As a cattle rancher, my husband's a big fan of beef. For him to comment on a poultry dish is rare. But he always tells me, "I love this casserole!" I first tasted it at a potluck; now, I fix it for my family (we have a 3-year-old daughter) once or twice a month, and I'm asked to take it to most every get-together. —Rochelle Brownlee, Big Timber, Montana
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana

I let my young son pick out seed packets and he chose kale, which grew like crazy. This hearty soup helped make good use of it and rivals a restaurant version that we love. —Michelle Babbie, Malone, New York
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Meat Sauce

Here's a thick, hearty sauce that turns ordinary spaghetti and garlic bread into a filling feast. When I'm in a hurry, I make this slow cooker recipe in an electric frying pan instead. —Mary Tallman, Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Shrimp Scampi

This shrimp scampi recipe looks like you fussed, but it’s easy to prepare. Lemon and herbs enhance the shrimp, and bread crumbs add a pleasing crunch. Served over pasta, this main dish is pretty enough for company. —Lori Packer, Omaha, Nebraska
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Tilapia Piccata

We aren’t big fish eaters, but a friend made this for us, and we couldn’t believe how wonderful it was! Now we eat it regularly. I love making it for guests because it’s simple, looks lovely and tastes restaurant-worthy. —Beth Cooper, Columbus, Ohio
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Five Italian Cheese Fonduta

I got this easy recipe from my daughter, who lives in France. It’s become my go-to fondue, and I make it often for our family.—Betty A. Mangas, Toledo, Ohio
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Seafood Lasagna Saute

We make lasagna with shrimp and scallops as part of the traditional Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes. Every bite delivers a tasty “jewel” from the sea. —Joe Colamonico, North Charleston, South Carolina
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Seasonal Cheesecake

When I was a nurse, my coworkers and I regularly swapped recipes during lunch breaks. This creamy cheesecake was one of the best I received. —Georgiann Franklin, Canfield, Ohio
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Eggplant Parmigiana

Because my recipe calls for baking the eggplant instead of frying it, unlike most eggplant parmesan recipes, it’s much healthier! It takes a little extra time, but the Italian flavors and rustic elegance are well worth it. —Laci Hooten, McKinney, Texas
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Spaghetti with Meatballs

One evening, we had unexpected company. Since I had the ingredients on hand, I made this spaghetti and meatballs recipe. Everyone raved! This classic recipe makes a big batch and is perfect for entertaining. —Mary Lou Koskella, Prescott, Arizona
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Chicken & Gnocchi Soup

I tasted a similar soup at Olive Garden and wanted to try and make it myself. Here's the delicious result! It's wonderful on a cool evening. —Jaclynn Robinson, Shingletown, California
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Minestrone

A friend gave me this quick, healthy recipe, and it's oh-so-tasty. It makes a big batch and is great for leftovers. To enhance the flavor, add a pound or two of sweet Italian sausage. —Mickey Turner, Grants Pass, Oregon
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Famous House Salad

Meat lovers won't be able to resist my antipasto-inspired salad that eats like a meal. Just add bread and dipping oil. —Melissa Jelinek, Apple Valley, Minnesota
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Signature Italian Dressing

What are all those specks and spices in your Italian dressing? You probably have them in your pantry. Create your own signature blend to toss with pasta, greens and fresh spring vegetables. —Lorraine Caland, Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Shrimp Alfredo

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I had to limit my fat intake due to health problems. I still wanted delicious meals that were great for entertaining so I started making this Alfredo for special occasions. —Jackie Price, Trenton, Missouri
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Whenever I go to an event, I'm always asked to bring this hot dip. Five types of cheese make it a standout and oh-so delicious. I love its party-ready convenience— I serve it straight from the slow cooker, so set-up and clean-up are a breeze! —Noelle Myers, Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Chicken Parmigiana

My mother inspired me to develop my first pasta sauce. It's tangy, simple and really satisfying. The longer it simmers, the better it gets, so keep that in mind if you have time to spare. —Danielle Grochowski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Tiramisu

This variation of the popular Italian dessert is so easy to assemble. It's convenient, too, since you can make it the day before your dinner party or potluck. —Linda Finn, Louisville, Mississippi
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Chicken Marsala

This is one of my favorite dishes to order in restaurants, so I created a version that I could make in a flash on a weeknight at home. —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, Idaho
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Raspberry Lemonade

Here's a concentrate that allows you to enjoy a refreshing summer beverage any time of year. Sweet raspberries balance the tartness from lemons. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Fried Mozzarella

A crisp coating holds marvelous melted cheese, which tastes terrific when dipped into a homemade tomato sauce.—Jay Davis, Knoxville, Tennessee
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Chicken Piccata

Easy chicken recipes are my go-to dinner choice. My chicken dish is ready to serve in a half hour. It takes just a few minutes in the oven to bake to tender perfection. —Hannah Williams, Malibu, California
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Chicken Margherita

I'm always on the lookout for healthy recipes for my family. If you find yourself craving Italian food, this delicious 30-minute meal hits the spot. —Susan Wholley, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Inspired By: Olive Garden's Ravioli di Portobello

My friend and I enjoy mushroom hunting. The exercise and fresh air, along with the beauty of the outdoors is invigorating. I came up with this recipe to use up the bounty of our harvest. The dish is easy, yet elegant. It's absolutely delicious. —Kelly Knoblock, Emmett, Idaho
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