Pillsbury’s Halloween Cookies Are BACK with Two Spooky Shapes

That ghost is almost too cute to eat!

Halloween is more than two months away, but I’m already so excited that I ordered spooky spiderweb decor to hang around my house. I love basically everything that comes with the season, especially the baked goods that pop up in stores. Not too long ago, we let everyone know about the brand-new Hocus Pocus cookie dough.

Now we’re back to tell you about another treat: Pillsbury’s Halloween cookies!

Bakers… Beware of This Year’s Shapes

No Halloween party is complete without treats to serve your frightening party-goers, and that’s where Pillsbury comes in to save the day. I know parents especially love the ever-changing lineup of seasonal cookies; they’re always the absolute cutest.

For Halloween, Pillsbury brought back their popular seasonal designs of ghosts and pumpkins on the signature sugar cookie. The bright colors and cartoon designs are fun and appropriate for kids (and adults) of all ages. Each package contains 24 precut cookies, which is perfect for a small get-together. But let’s be real, you don’t need any special occasion to bake up a few batches!

Even better, Pillsbury has amped up their cookie game lately by introducing their new “Safe-To-Eat-Raw” line of ready-to-bake goods. Lucky for us, they’ve made this year’s Halloween cookies with the same formula. That means you can totally snack on a few before putting the rest in the oven—we won’t tell!

Where to Grab Your Spooky Sweets

They’ve recently been spotted at Target, as well as other major retail stores. If a store carries Pillsbury, it’s likely they’ll have these in stock soon (if they don’t already) as the summer season starts to fade and is replaced with all things scary. Keep your eye out next time you pass by the ready-to-bake aisle and snag a few before they disappear!

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