How to Keep Waffles from Getting Soggy, According to Martha Stewart

All you need is a simple toss.

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When it comes to the infamous pancakes versus waffles debate, I’ve always been (and will always be) on the side of waffles. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and the perfect shape to cut. Not to mention all the little squares are perfect for holding just the right amount of syrup without immediately becoming too soft. And whether you prefer lots of tasty toppings or just a waffle, plain and simple, you’ve made the right choice.

It’s important to keep a waffle crunchy in the morning, so here’s how to keep waffles from getting soggy the easy way.

How to Keep Waffles from Getting Soggy, According to Martha

All hail our kitchen queen, Martha Stewart! She’s the purveyor of this invaluable hack that will surely have you making the greatest waffles you’ve ever had in your life. No one does it like you, @marthastewart.

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The hack is so incredibly simple. Start with your favorite waffle recipe and whip ’em up in your waffle maker. Once they’re ready and rarin’ to go, simply fork them out and toss them back and forth between your hands. It may look and feel silly, but you’ll have the crispiest waffles known to man. By tossing your fresh waffles, you’re letting the steam escape in an efficient way. No excess steam, no soggy waffles. What could be better?

We don’t want you burning your beautiful hands, so make sure to pick up some heat-resistant oven gloves. You can keep them specifically for your waffle-makin’ mornings!

Other Ways to Keep Waffles from Getting Soggy

Here are some other ways to keep the sogginess at bay:

  • Place your waffles on a cooling rack in a low-heat oven (don’t stack the waffles on top of each other).
  • Throw your waffles in a toaster to refresh their crispiness.
  • Make sure your waffle iron is very hot.

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