Venison Recipes

Need a variety of venison recipes for deer season? Use up your freezer stash by making gourmet venison recipes like ground venison, grilled venison and roast venison.

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Sweet Pepper Venison Stir-Fry

4 reviews

"Every year our friends have a game feed where everyone brings a different wild dish," says Kathy Gasser of Waukesha, Wisconsin. "This one knocked their socks off—they almost licked the wok clean!"

Hearty Hunter’s Stew

13 reviews

Moist, tender meat and thick, rich gravy are the hallmarks of my classic recipe simmered in a cast-iron pot. —Joyce...

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Venison Tortilla Lasagna

I always keep a copy of this recipe around, because every time someone new tries this lasagna, they want to...

Venison Meatballs

17 reviews

"I learned to cook game while my husband was a forestry student," recalls Sheila Reed from Fredericton, New Brunswick. "We...

Venison Roast

11 reviews

"We've always cooked with venison...and this tender flavorful roast and gravy have been a favorite at our house for years,"...

Ground Venison Burgers

6 reviews

Even folks who aren't fans of ground venison recipes will enjoy these zippy venison burgers, deliciously topped with pepper cheese...

Venison Meat Loaf

23 reviews

My mother, who claims she can detect venison in any recipe, didn't have a clue it was in this tender...

Venison Tenderloins

3 reviews

"Venison is not typically the best meat for grilling, but with this marinade, the steaks come out tender, juicy and...

Venison Stew

22 reviews

I had no choice but to learn to cook many years ago while my wife recuperated from surgery. But I...