Venison Recipes

Need a variety of venison recipes for deer season? Use up your freezer stash by making gourmet venison recipes like ground venison, grilled venison and roast venison.

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    Country-Fried Venison

    1 review

    "This is our favorite way to fix venison tenderloin," says Sandra Robinson of Fair Grove, Missouri. "The marinade and coating eliminate the wild flavor in these tender mouthwatering steaks."—Sandra Robinson, Fair Grove, Missouri

    Venison Vegetable Stew

    1 review

    —Jennifer Whitaker, North Central, Massachusetts

    Baked Venison Burgers

    3 reviews

    Since my husband is an avid hunter, we have an abundance of venison each winter, I adapted a meat loaf...

    Hearty Hunter’s Stew

    12 reviews

    Moist, tender meat and thick, rich gravy are the hallmarks of my classic recipe simmered in a cast-iron pot. —Joyce...

    Country-Style Pot Roast

    2 reviews

    My husband goes deer hunting, so I have quite a few recipes for venison. This is his favorite. Hope you...

    Venison Pot Roast with Vegetables

    2 reviews

    "This hearty dish has tender meat and wonderful seasonings," relates Debbie Phillips of Pittsburg, Texas. "Game is plentiful around our...

    Italian Venison Sandwiches

    1 review

    "The slow cooker makes easy work of these hearty venison sandwiches," assures Andrew Henson, an avid hunter and cook from...

    Bacon-Wrapped Venison

    4 reviews

    "My husband, Ron, and I hunt and created this dish that's special enough for company," relates Phyllis Abrams from Alton,...

    Venison Stromboli

    4 reviews

    "The first time I served this dish to my deer-hunting family, everyone thought I had ordered from an Italian restaurant,"...

    Venison on Caraway Rolls

    1 review

    "When a family friend shared his hunting bounty with us, I looked for new ways to serve the venison," relates...

    Venison Dumpling Stew

    1 review

    Dill-seasoned dumplings top this homey stew featuring tender venison, carrots and potatoes. —Elizabeth Smith, Middlebury, Vermont

    Venison Pot Roast

    3 reviews

    My husband enjoyed deer hunting for many years, so I was challenged to find ways to put that meat to...

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    Venison Chili con Carne

    Kim Vaughn of Hampton, Virginia shares this thick, spicy chili that’s served over rice. “The venison is tender, and the...

    Pasta Pizza Venison Bake

    1 review

    Venison gives a pleasant change-of-pace flavor to this quick-to-fix pasta casserole. "Since my husband is an avid hunter, I'm always...

    Venison Tenderloin Sandwiches

    1 review

    Here in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, venison is a staple food. My son-in-law supplies me with venison...

    Venison Vegetable Soup

    6 reviews

    We always seem to have venison in the freezer, so I came up with the recipe for this delicious soup...

    Hearty Venison Stew

    When he simmers a pot of his satisfying stew, Rick Sullivan of Henryville, Indiana stirs plenty of garlic and herbs...

    Venison Sausage Meatballs

    3 reviews

    These meatballs are a savory blend of ground venison and pork sausage, with water chestnuts for crunch. "This is my...

    Venison Chili

    3 reviews

    "This meaty chili is nicely seasoned and has gotten many 'very good' responses from my friends," says Gary Urness of...

    Venison Roast

    11 reviews

    "We've always cooked with venison...and this tender flavorful roast and gravy have been a favorite at our house for years,"...

    Deep-Dish Hunter’s Pie

    4 reviews

    "My husband, an avid hunter, loves the garlic mashed potato topping on this dish," writes Christina Rulien from Marysville, Washington.

    Tangy Venison Stroganoff

    2 reviews

    Ellen Spes of Caro, Michigan coats tender chunks of venison and chopped onion with a silky sour cream sauce.

    Stuffing-Topped Venison Chops

    "A moist stuffing with apples and raisins is great with pork chops, so I decided to try it is venison...

    Shredded Venison Sandwiches

    12 reviews

    "My husband hunts for deer every November, so I'm always looking for new recipes for venison," relates Ruth Setterlund from...

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    Ground Venison Burgers

    5 reviews

    Even folks who aren't fans of ground venison recipes will enjoy these zippy burgers, deliciously topped with pepper cheese and...

    Beer-Braised Roast with Root Vegetables

    I like the combination of seasoned vegetables and lean meat in this recipe, and my wife likes how the seasonings...

    Spinach Venison Lasagna

    2 reviews

    "I often use elk for this. You can also make it using ground beef," says Jo Mitchell from Mountain View,...

    Bacon-Topped Venison Meat Loaf

    4 reviews

    I caught my fiance eating this meat loaf cold, right out of the fridge! He encouraged me to send in...

    Pan-Fried Venison Steak

    6 reviews

    “Growing up, this recipe was a family favorite when we had deer meat. I loved it, and now my children...

    Hunter’s Delight

    9 reviews

    “We live in the ’north woods,’ so we usually have an ample supply of venison. This is a recipe our...