Beef Tenderloin Recipes

We have beef tenderloin recipes perfect for a holiday meal or elegant dinner. Use a whole beef tenderloin to make a gourmet dish, or find a recipe for thin sliced beef tenderloin if you’re serving a larger crowd.

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Air-Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon

2 reviews

I got the idea for bacon-wrapped filet mignon when I saw some on sale in the grocery store. The rest was inspired by my husband, because he once made a Scotch and ginger ale sauce. I originally made this in the oven but it works equally well in the air fryer! —Mary Kay LaBrie, Clermont, Florida

Slow-Cooker Beef Tenderloin

2 reviews

I created this slow-cooker beef tenderloin recipe when I was having guests over. It tastes incredible with little effort. —Amanda...

Bacon Beef Tenderloin with Cranberry Glaze

1 review

I made this for Christmas one year and now people request it for every special event. Omit the jalapeno if...

Pepper-Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Mushrooms

My dad, an incredible person and cook, taught me to make this tenderloin. Whenever I want to make a special,...

Dijon Beef Tenderloin

1 review

I like having an ace recipe up my sleeve, and this tenderloin with Dijon is my go-to for birthdays, buffets...

Easy & Elegant Tenderloin Roast

7 reviews

I love the simplicity of this easy beef tenderloin recipe. Olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper—just add the tenderloin and...

Marinated Beef Fondue

1 review

"Guests will enjoy cooking this boldly seasoned meat, then dipping it in zippy sauce," notes field editor DeEtta Rasmussen of...

Peach-Glazed Beef Filets

3 reviews

I love combining fruits and chiles to make flavorful glazes. This recipe has evolved over the years. It uses ancho...

Tenderloin with Cremini-Apricot Stuffing

2 reviews

This simple but special dish will get rave reviews. The cooking juices leave the beef very moist and the stuffing...

Beef Fondue with Mustard-Mayonnaise Sauce

1 review

Fondue is fun, but for me, the accompanying sauces are what make them even more delicious. This creamy, zippy sauce...

Beef Filets with Portobello Sauce

12 reviews

These tasty steaks seem special, but they are fast enough for an everyday dinner. We enjoy the mushroom-topped filets with...

Beef Steaks with Blue Cheese

1 review

My guests often ask for this winning recipe and are surprised at how simple it is to prepare.

Asparagus Beef Saute

37 reviews

I love filet mignon, but I'm not crazy about its price, so I came up with a recipe for more...

Mushroom-Blue Cheese Tenderloin

8 reviews

Here’s a simple entree that is sure to impress. I usually double the mushroom-cheese sauce because it always disappears fast....

Tenderloin Steak Diane

18 reviews

Sometimes, I add more mushrooms to this recipe when my son's eating dinner—he loves them, and they are just fantastic...

Cocoa-Crusted Beef Tenderloin

2 reviews

My family and I have cooking competitions with secret ingredients and a 30-minute time limit. This tenderloin recipe earned me...

Cranberry-Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

Fresh cranberries and cranberry juice lend a satisfying sweet-tart taste to beef tenderloin. Serving plated dishes to guests makes for...

Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Vegetables

4 reviews

I appreciate this recipe because it includes a side dish of roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts and carrots, giving me one...

Marinated Beef Tenderloin

12 reviews

My three grown children and grandkids enjoy this tempting beef tenderloin marinade. Leftovers make wonderful sandwiches with fresh bread and...

Beef Tenderloin Salad

1 review

Slices of tender beef, fresh asparagus and juicy tomatoes high-light this attractive main-dish salad from our Test Kitchen.

Marinated Beef Tenderloins

1 review

From Karen Haskell of Tempe, Arizona, these steaks have fabulous flavor sure to impress guests. “These will melt in your...

Glazed Beef Tournedos

1 review

I found this wonderful, quick recipe in a book years ago. It’s been a favorite for special occasions ever since!...

Mixed Grill Kabobs

These hearty kabobs combine beef and sausage, two of my favorite foods. Both the meat and vegetables are marinated before...

Grilled Steak Bruschetta Salad

3 reviews

You'll want to fire up the grill just to make this impressive entree. The steaks cook quickly, and the salad...

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Classic Beef Wellingtons

11 reviews

Perfect for holidays, this beef Wellington recipe is also impressively easy. Find ready-made puff pastry sheets in the frozen food...

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Stroganoff Soup

2 reviews

My husband and I share a love for all kinds of soup and came up with this delicious recipe together....

Beef Tenderloin with Pomegranate Chutney

When I want to show family and friends some culinary love, I roast a tenderloin and serve it with a...

Beef Stroganoff

1 review

You'd never guess this creamy, full-flavored Stroganoff is actually light! It's very meaty and features a thick tomato sauce that...

Merlot Filet Mignon

7 reviews

Although this is such a simple recipe, you can feel confident serving it to any guests. The rich sauce adds...

Garlic Herbed Beef Tenderloin

3 reviews

You don't need much seasoning to add flavor to this beef tenderloin recipe. The mild blending of rosemary, basil and...