Cracker Recipes

Recipes with crackers are a creative and easy way to serve snacks or add crunch to casseroles. Try our creative leftover crackers recipes: they’re crowd pleasers.

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    Chocolate-Pecan Cupcakes

    These Chocolate-Pecan Cracker Cupcakes are inspired by a local restaurant's pie recipe. They are rich and yummy! If your marshmallow frosting is too thin, add more powdered sugar, and if it’s too thick, add a little milk or heavy cream. —Bonnie De Jong, Holland, Michigan

    Pizza Crackers

    2 reviews

    Kids love making these simple pizza crackers. I like to use pizza sauce from a squeeze bottle to make it...

    Air-Fryer S’mores Crescent Rolls

    Want to score indoor s'mores? Try these air-fryer crescent rolls made with Nutella. The kids will love to help with...

    Savory Cracker Snack Mix

    9 reviews

    A Taste of Home recipe inspired this one! Because I love everything bagel seasoning, I decided to give this...

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    Air-Fryer Chicken Tenders

    7 reviews

    I added all of the components of a loaded baked potato—cheddar, potato, bacon, sour cream and chives—to my air-fryer chicken...

    S’mores Brownies

    4 reviews

    My family simply adores my daughter's fudgy s'mores brownies. The cinnamon graham cracker crust and the dark chocolate brownies bring...

    Pistachio-Cherry S’more Bars

    Surprise! These citrusy treats have all the chewy, sticky fun of a traditional s’more plus tart cherries and rich pistachios....

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    Air-Fryer Southern-Style Chicken

    10 reviews

    I call this America’s best-loved air-fryer chicken recipe. The secret is in the herby, golden brown breading that makes the...

    Key Lime Pie Balls

    4 reviews

    The classic creamy filling, graham cracker crust and burst of lime are all mixed together in every bite of these...

    Layered Lemon Dessert Squares

    7 reviews

    I found this recipe in an old cookbook and changed it to be extra citrusy. If you’re a fan of...

    S’mores Cheesecake

    16 reviews

    This sweet and decadent cheesecake features graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Enjoy! —Kurt Anderson, Willmar, Minnesota

    Reindeer Snack Mix

    6 reviews

    Rudolph and his pals will be dashing, dancing and prancing to gobble up this savory snack mix. Humans also will...

    Very Vanilla Slow-Cooker Cheesecake

    13 reviews

    Cinnamon and vanilla give this cheesecake so much flavor. —Krista Lanphier, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Chocolaty Nanaimo Bars

    8 reviews

    If a pastry could be a friend, the Nanaimo bar would be my BFF. This version won Cookie of the...

    No-Bake Party Mix

    1 review

    This munchable snack mixture from Regina Stock of Topeka, Kansas is sure to disappear in a hurry at picnics and...

    Corn and Bacon Dip

    15 reviews

    The recipe for this creamy appetizer or snack dip was given to me about 20 years ago by a friend....

    Snickerdoodle Cheesecake

    My maternal grandmother preferred sewing and quilting to cooking and baking, but there were some things that she cooked and...

    Lime-Raspberry Pie with Coconut Cream

    During my family trips to Florida, I've had Key lime pie from many restaurants, and each one is different. I...

    S’mores Monkey Bread Muffins

    2 reviews

    When it comes to mini versions of anything, I'm sold! These muffins are ooey-gooey individual-sized monkey breads made with frozen...

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    S’mores Creme Brulee

    1 review

    A big bite into a scrumptious s’more brings back sweet campfire memories. This fancy take on the classic treat is...

    Easy Mini Caramel Apple Cheesecakes

    8 reviews

    Cheesecake is the ultimate comfort food, but a big slice can be too rich. These bite-sized cheesecakes topped with apples...

    3D Chocolate Cheesecake

    19 reviews

    This dark chocolate cheesecake is deep and decadent, earning it the right to be called "3D." This version always looks...

    Chocolate Lover’s Pizza

    16 reviews

    I created this after my dad said that my graham cracker crust should be topped with dark chocolate and pecans....

    Apple Comfort

    4 reviews

    Years ago, we were without electricity for nine days during an ice storm, but I was able run the slow...

    Easy Olive Snacks

    3 reviews

    Olive lovers will snap up these chewy, delicious appetizers. Says Dorothy Anderson of Ottawa, Kansas, "They're easy since the...

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    Graham Cracker Sandwiches

    My brother and I enjoyed these peanut butter treats when we were young. I made these graham cracker sandwiches for...

    Ranch Oyster Crackers

    4 reviews

    Everyone will be eating these ranch oyster crackers by the handfuls! —Verona Koehlmoos, Pilger, Nebraska

    Mock Apple Pie

    2 reviews

    My mother made this mock apple pie often during the Depression, and our guests were always astounded that soda crackers...

    Ham Salad Spread

    14 reviews

    My family has enjoyed this hearty ham salad recipe for years. It came to be an unexpected leftover every time...

    Christmas Candy Train

    Create a new holiday tradition with this kid-friendly candy train. Mix and match with cookies and Christmas candy you...

    So-Easy Snack Mix

    I eat this tasty treat just as much as (if not more than) the kids! Have fun with it by...