Spinach Salad Recipes

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Orzo with Spinach and Pine Nuts

I have shared this salad many times with the teachers at my school. They enjoy it so much that they ask me to bring it in. It's best to put the tomatoes on the salad just before serving so they won't wilt from the heat and moisture. In my opinion, the dish would not be as delectable if you substitute another vinegar for the balsamic vinegar.—Kate Whitehead, Lindenhurst, Illinois

Pomegranate Splash Salad

1 review

The sparkling pomegranate gems make this salad irresistibly beautiful. My family loves it at holiday gatherings when pomegranates are in...

Strawberry Feta Tossed Salad

5 reviews

A neighbor served this light, wonderful salad at a summer barbecue. I’ve since tried it with many ingredient combinations, but...

Four-Berry Spinach Salad

3 reviews

Nature's candy abounds in the berry-filled salad. Its slightly tart dressing contrasts deliciously with sweet in-season fruit. —Betty Lise Anderson,...

Rice Noodle Salad

4 reviews

This rice noodle salad is easy, sweet, spicy, nutty and light. Many friends request this for get-togethers, and our family...

Fruit ‘n’ Veggie Salad

1 review

"This lovely salad, which combines vegetables, fruit and a sweet/tart dressing, is a tasty change from the ordinary," notes Jean...

Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese and Beets

3 reviews

Here's a super easy salad that looks and tastes festive for the wonderful Christmas season, but is also wonderful all...

Sweet ‘n’ Sour Tossed Salad

1 review

This recipe has been with our family so long that no one knows who originated it. The dressing is also...

Fruit ‘n’ Spinach Salad

A hint of ginger in the dressing accents this delightful salad from field editor Rebecca Baird of Salt Lake City,...

Fruit ‘n’ Feta Spinach Salad

2 reviews

“This is a salad I served on our 25th wedding anniversary,” says Paula Wharton of El Paso, Texas. “Everyone always...