Egg Salad Recipes

In search of the best egg salad recipe? These egg recipes for egg salad and egg salad sandwich range from old-fashioned to inventive and are sure to be family-favorites.

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    Shrimp Cobb Salad

    This shrimp cobb salad is quite healthy. I often use a grill pan, but you can simply saute, too. Feel free to use any greens you like. — Nicholas Monfre, Hudson, Florida

    Southwest Layered Cornbread Salad

    With no last-minute assembly needed, this layered salad is ready for a spot on the party buffet.
    —Rod &...

    Spicy Cajun Potato Salad

    7 reviews

    Here in Louisiana we have a lot of get-togethers, and if you want your dish to be chosen over all...

    Veggie Macaroni Salad

    9 reviews

    "When I bring this super salad to church dinners, there is usually nothing to take home," relates Lynn Cole of...

    Bird’s Nest Egg Salad

    1 review

    Create these cute chow mein noodle nests with just three ingredients, then fill them with mounds of a nicely seasoned...

    Mom’s Super Stupendous Potato Salad

    14 reviews

    In college, my best friend and I debated whose mom made the best potato salad. Turns out they were almost...

    Curried Egg Lettuce Cups

    Guests will love the combination of crisp, cold lettuce leaves and flavorful egg salad. Peanuts add a crunchy texture to...

    Eggplant Salad

    1 review

    This recipe has been passed down through the family, starting with my grandmother, who learned it from her neighbor. It's...

    Chicken Salad for 50

    3 reviews

    When this was served at a women's luncheon, there were lots of recipe requests, The creamy dressing, grapes and cashews...

    Fresh Cornbread Salad

    2 reviews

    Despite my hectic schedule, I enjoy cooking for family and friends. This recipe is one of my favorites.—Pam Holloway, Marion,...

    Creamy Red Potato Salad

    9 reviews

    We love red potatoes for color and shape in a perfect combo with radishes, green onions and a touch of...

    German Potato Salad with Eggs

    4 reviews

    This recipe has been in my family for over 100 years! At family get-togethers, it never fails to please.

    Tossed Eggplant Salad

    This unusual combination of taste and texture makes a very colorful salad. A dollop of dressing enhances the taste.

    Bacon & Egg Potato Salad

    13 reviews

    Vinegar and lemon juice add a slightly tangy taste to this creamy potato salad. It's wonderful with baked beans and...

    Red Potato and Egg Salad

    10 reviews

    This flavorful red potato salad with egg is the perfect side for summer cookouts. The red potatoes really dress it...

    Twisted Eggs Benedict Salad

    2 reviews

    Salad for breakfast? Absolutely. You can prep everything except the dressing and chill it overnight. In the morning, dress the...

    Veggie Nicoise Salad

    13 reviews

    More and more people in my workplace are becoming vegetarians. When we cook or eat together, the focus is on...

    Garden Fresh Potato Salad

    A parent from a school I previously taught at gave me this recipe, and I think of that parent and...

    Macaroni Egg Salad

    4 reviews

    "This tasty dish proves you don't have to feed a crowd to enjoy that delicious picnic salad flavor," says Ruth...

    Layered Ranch Salad

    1 review

    “This is a wonderful recipe that’s so easy to put together.” Spinach and greens provide the perfect backdrop for crisp...

    Colorful Caesar Salad

    2 reviews

    We guarantee you'll enjoy our take on this classic salad. The dressing can be prepared up to 3 days in...

    Cornbread Layered Salad

    7 reviews

    My mother's cornbread salad is so complete, it can be a meal in itself. The recipe has been in our...

    Vegetable Potato Salad

    5 reviews

    Growing up with a huge family of relatives, large gatherings were the norm. Mom always brought her 'famous' potato salad,...

    Rice ‘n’ Egg Salad

    1 review

    "This savory salad is a mainstay for my mother-in-law and me," says Christina Moran of Collierville, Tennessee.

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    Momma’s Warm Potato Salad

    8 reviews

    My friend's mom makes the absolute best potato salad. It is like a really good egg salad with potatoes in...

    Dandelion Salad

    2 reviews

    This is one my favorite salads and it is so healthy for you! Guests will be surprised at how wonderful...

    Egg and Tomato Salad

    1 review

    I often need to prepare a salad just for myself. And when I want a change from ordinary greens, this...

    Denver Omelet Salad

    1 review

    I love this recipe. It may not be your typical breakfast, but it has all the right elements. Plus, it’s...

    Tuna Egg Salad

    1 review

    People can't believe it when I tell them this recipe does fit into a diet-restricted menu. Everyone loves the old-fashioned...

    Egg Rice Salad

    2 reviews

    THE FIRST TIME I tried this salad, I knew it was a keeper. Using rice as the basic ingredient is...