50 Cookie Recipes You Need in Your Collection

Our best cookie recipes have earned top ratings from home cooks far and wide. But before you get started, make sure you get all the handy tips and tricks from our cookie baking guide to ensure the cookies you bake come out a sweet success!

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Big Soft Ginger Cookies

When you want a ginger cookie but nothing as crunchy as a gingersnap, these big softies are nicely spiced and taste fantastic with a cup of tea. When baking, don’t forget to use parchment paper for picture-perfect cookies.

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Big Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies Exps Tham19 156150 C11 14 3b 39

Big & Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies

An essential classic cookie recipe, this version results in thick and chewy cookies studded with lots of semisweet chips and crunchy walnuts. It’s also super adaptable to other chocolate and nut combinations.
Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies Exps7873 Thcb1914178b12 10 4b Rms 25

Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

An easy recipe made with pantry staples, this is the kind of cookie to whip out when you just feel like making cookies. Readers suggest using natural peanut butter for a more peanut-y taste, and try pressing with a glass that has a decorative bottom instead of criss-crossing with a fork.

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Jumbo Brownie Cookies Exps Tohca20 165520 B11 05 2b 5

Jumbo Brownie Cookies

Get your essential cookie supplies in order and make these deeply fudgy cookies for any party or potluck—or just for you. The trick is adding a little espresso powder to the dough to really bring out the chocolate flavor.
Vanilla Meringue Cookies Exps Hcbz22 45262 Dr 06 02 10b 7

Vanilla Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are delightfully sweet and light, and they can be made into so many different flavors (although vanilla is just perfect). If you haven’t worked with meringue too much, we have lots of tips—like make sure the egg whites are room temperature—to make these just right.
First Place Coconut Macaroons Exps Hcbz22 4383 Dr 05 06 7b

First-Place Coconut Macaroons

When baking coconut macaroons, it’s important to control the moisture so they don’t spread too much on the cookie sheet. You’ll have nice and craggy, chewy cookies in no time.
Peppermint Meltaways Exps Hcbz22 41439 E11 18 7b 14

Peppermint Meltaways

These festive cookies are a great addition to any Christmas cookie platter or gift box. And it’s right there in the name: These little pepperminty treats simply melt in your mouth.
Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies Exps Ucsbz17 21640 A05 25 6b 3

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

You only need five ingredients and a short amount of time to make these classic peanut butter-and-chocolate treats. While milk chocolate kisses are the standard, you can experiment with other flavors, like white chocolate swirled kisses.
Coffee Shortbread Exps14569 Cc2860595b06 05 7bc Rms 8

Coffee Shortbread

A crisp, buttery coffee-flavored shortbread drizzled with white and semisweet chocolate is like a morning mocha in cookie form. To keep the dough from sticking on the counter or your rolling pin, tuck it between two sheets of parchment paper for easy smoothing.
Pecan Meltaways Exps Hcbz22 537 Dr 06 02 8b

Pecan Meltaways

To ensure the proper melt-away texture of pecan meltaways, chill your cookie dough like you would for cutout cookies. It will help keep them from spreading too much on the baking sheet.
Raspberry Ribbons Exps Ucsbz17 19412 D06 06 3b 3

Raspberry Ribbons

Like a buttery shortbread with a sweet jam, these “ribbon” cookies make a lovely addition to any dessert table. Because they’re filled with jam and cut after baking, they are more delicate. Shipping these for the holidays or special occasions is not advised.
White Velvet Cutouts Exps Tham18 3648 D11 09 11b 6

White Velvet Cutouts

This super soft and buttery cookie really tastes what white velvet feels like. With cream cheese in the dough, the texture and flavor can’t be beat. They shape easily and icing can be any color you want, so they’re good year-round!
Exps7760 Cc153599b01 14 3b 9

Contest-Winning Chocolate Truffle Cookies

The key to getting a puffy cookie with a rich, soft, chocolatey center is chilling the dough for at least three hours; it prevents the cookies from getting too flat while baking. You really want this to be almost truffle-like inside, and the slightly domed shape helps with that.
Scottish Shortbread Exps Diyd20 1889 B09 17 3b 2

Scottish Shortbread

A ribbon-winning family recipe, this classic Scottish shortbread is everything you want it to be: buttery, just crispy and wonderfully sweet. Instead of chilling the dough before rolling, you’ll chill it after rolling and cutting so it can go straight to the oven.

Cherry Chocolate Nut Cookies

Like other great drop cookie recipes, these are studded with extra ingredients, like bright red maraschino cherries, chocolate chips and pecans. They’re pretty enough for a holiday cookie box yet simple for everyday snacking.
Amish Sugar Cookies Exps Hcbz22 3935 P2 Md 04 15 5b 13

Amish Sugar Cookies

These old-fashioned Amish sugar cookies are delightfully tender and easy to make. Make them your own by adding a touch of extract (almond is delicious!) or a sprinkle of coarse sugar on top. To get the best results, follow these tips for baking sugar cookies.
Chippy Peanut Butter Cookies Exps32545 Mrr133247b07 30 6bc Rms 3

Chippy Peanut Butter Cookies

This classic peanut butter cookie is made even better with the addition of chocolate and peanut butter chips. Use a small ice cream scooper to get consistently sized cookies on the baking sheet.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate and chocolate, what can be better? This wonderful chocolate drop cookie gets extra lusciousness from semisweet chocolate chips inside. But you can use a darker chip for more chocolatey depth.
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies Exps Hcbz22 11164 Dr 05 10 1b 5

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

A ringer for the famous name brand cookie you’d buy in the grocery store, this buttery cookie is chock full of white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts. Tip: If you use unsalted nuts, you might want to add a pinch of salt to the cookie dough.
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Exps Mrr16 33121 A09 01 01b 27

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate chips add some pizzazz to chewy oatmeal cookies. If you prefer a bolder flavor, use dark brown sugar instead of light (although both work perfectly well in this classic recipe).
Snickerdoodles Exps Sddj17 30098 A08 09 4b 18


The name alone brings a smile to your face. The beauty of a snickerdoodle is you probably already have all the ingredients on hand—no running to the grocery store when the craving strikes! Carefully watch them while baking; an extra second or two can make a crispier cookie.
Exps15899 Cc143384c04 24 5b 2

S’more Sandwich Cookies

Such a genius move: Pop half of these sandwich cookies in the microwave topped with a marshmallow for a few seconds, then smoosh with another cookie. The dough has graham cracker crumbs for real s’mores flavor.
Mimosa Butter Cookies Exps Sddj18 204670 C08 09 6b 2

Mimosa Butter Cookies

Spiked with sparkling wine and orange juice, this butter cookie recipe has a brunch-y twist. To help the uncooked dough hold its shape, use parchment paper and chill the piped cookies for about 10 minutes before hitting the oven.
Thumbprint Butter Cookies Exps Sddj17 35738 A08 08 10b 2

Thumbprint Butter Cookies

Filled with any fruit preserve you like, these buttery little cookies add beautiful color to any platter of treats. They’re super versatile for the holidays or any time of year.
Exps8151 Cc153599c01 13 2b 3

Toffee Almond Sandies

Studded with chocolate-covered toffee and almond bits, these delightful sandies hit all the high notes. They’re not too crumbly or dry, and they have a nice nutty flavor, which you can amp up with a little extra extract if desired.
Iced Orange Cookies Exps Hcbz22 12463 Dr 05 24 7b

Iced Orange Cookies

This old-fashioned drop cookie gets topped with a sweet, citrus-scented icing. A little zest and a dab of orange food coloring really brightens things up.
Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cakes Exps39288 Mb143497b04 18 3bc Rms 7

Chocolate Mexican Wedding Cakes

An alternative to the traditional favorite, these Mexican wedding cakes are packed with cocoa and a hint of cinnamon. Covered in powdered sugar, they make great holiday gifts.
Exps10045 Cw153045c08 28 7b 2

Crisp Sugar Cookie Mix

Put bags of this pre-made mix along with instructions on how to bake the cookies together for gifts. With butter, eggs and extra sugar for decorating, the crisp sugar cookies couldn’t be easier to make at home.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Every cookie recipe box should have an oatmeal raisin contender. The secret to this recipe is to measure exactly and not over bake to ensure a chewy, fruit-filled treat.
Exps21933 Cc153599d01 13 5b 4

Lemon Tea Cookies

A deliciously delicate butter cookie filled with a lemon-scented filling is perfect for afternoon tea. Note that the dough needs to chill, preferably overnight; so plan your prep and bake time accordingly.

Miniature Peanut Butter Treats

Slip a mini peanut butter cup in still-warm cookies for this fantastic treat. Think about using mini heart-shaped candies for a sweet hit of love on Valentine’s Day.
Frosted Red Velvet Cookies Exps Hca19 71820 D02 21 10b 3

Frosted Red Velvet Cookies

Red velvet cake in bite-size cookie form? Sign us up! You’ll find chocolate chips in every bite, and sprinkles on the sweet icing (store bought is fine, or make your own with this quick cream cheese frosting recipe).
Lemon Snowflakes Exps Hcbz22 2533 Dr 05 24 5b

Lemon Snowflakes

You only need four ingredients for this cookie recipe—and one is cake mix, so you know it’s easy. It’s super adaptable, too: Start with lemon and then try other flavors by using chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or spice cake mix.

Cranberry Cookies with Browned Butter Glaze

Brown butter makes everything better, including the glaze that tops these chunky cookies. Use fresh cranberries instead of dried, which are usually sweetened. Fresh gives these a tart zingy bite that pairs well with white chocolate chips and nuts.
White Chocolate Pistachio And Cranberry Biscotti Exps113822 Baftf2307047b03 07 1bc Rms 11

White Chocolate Pistachio and Cranberry Biscotti

While not specifically a holiday treat, crunchy biscotti dappled with white chocolate, pistachios and sweet dried cranberries makes a fantastic gift around Christmastime. Make it easier on yourself and bake batches ahead and freeze the cookies until you’re ready to serve or pack up.
Dipped Gingersnaps Exps Hcbz22 3682 P2 Md 05 24 2b

Dipped Gingersnaps

Like the name implies, these spiced cookies should snap when you bite them, as opposed to being soft and chewy. Dip in or swirl melted white chocolate on top for a pretty decorative effect.
Lemony Gingerbread Whoopie Pies Exps Hplz17 50509 C06 02 5b 7

Lemony Gingerbread Whoopie Pies

Never mind the debate over whether whoopie pies are cakes or cookies (they’re really cake-like cookies, so both sides win). These cookies are spiced just right. Roll the dough in sugar before baking for extra crunch. The lemony filling pairs nicely with the ginger.
Chocolate Caramel Thumbprints Exps21935 C2225184b09 14 4b Rms 6

Chocolate Caramel Thumbprints

A soft chocolate cookie dough gets a coating in chopped pecans before hitting the oven. After, a pool of caramel gets added to the indentation and melted chocolate drizzled on top.

Butter Cookies

Give that new cookie press a whirl with this simple and delicious butter cookie recipe. Use any shape, although hearts are most charming, and top with your favorite frosting.
Lime Gin Coconut Macaroons Exps169079 Th132104d06 20 27bc Rms 4

Lime & Gin Coconut Macaroons

A touch of aromatic gin and lime zest add a unique flavor to these wonderfully chewy coconut treats. Remember: Macaroons are different from macarons, the French meringue sandwich cookie, but both are totally delicious.

Fudgy Mint Cookies

When you don’t have a lot of time to fuss with a cookie recipe, this one has you covered. Made with chocolate cake mix and a thin chocolate-covered mint candy pressed into it, this decadent cookie practically makes itself.
Exps11096 Fb143426c05 08 3b 8

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Instead of raisins, add sweet dried cranberries to this oatmeal cookie recipe. That little bit of tartness really elevates each chewy cookie.
Gluten Free Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies Exps46220 Cw143039d09 11  14b Rms 2

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Swap in gluten-free flour for regular to make this classic cookie recipe, and use crunchy peanut butter for even more peanut flavor. For a change of pace, press in a peanut butter cup in the center instead of a kiss.
Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies Exps Hrbz17 27195 C09 01 2b

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

With a soft cake-like texture and lots of sweet banana flavor, this is one of the best ways to use up overripe fruit. Add a 1/2 cup toasted pecans or walnuts to the batter for some crunch.
Exps13215 Cc153599d05 20 5b 2

Almond Spritz Cookies

A little almond extract goes a long way with these buttery spritz cookies. Use colored sugar to match the holiday: pink and yellow for Easter, and red and green for Christmas.
Giant Molasses Cookies Exps Hcbz22 38876 Dr 05 24 1b

Giant Molasses Cookies

Could a cookie name be any more perfect? These are in fact giant cookies, sweetened with molasses and spice, and sugared for a little sparkle. They’re soft, chewy and even ship well, making them a great holiday gift.

Here’s more on how to make molasses cookies.

Coconut Clouds Exps Sddj17 39293 16 C08 05 7b 6

Coconut Clouds

These cakelike drop cookies have coconut inside and out. Brown butter, which serves as the base for the icing, pairs perfectly with shredded toasted coconut.

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

While the peanut butter filling makes these sandwich cookies sweet and delicious, one commenter suggests filling them with dulce de leche spread. Now we can’t stop thinking of other fillings, like hazelnut spread, chocolate and more.
Tender Italian Sugar Cookies Exps31463 Cm2375010d06 27 5bc Rms 4

Tender Italian Sugar Cookies

Skirting the line between sugar cookie and shortbread, these little morsels are like a blank canvas for whatever extra flavors or colored icings you desire. Mini semisweet chocolate chips or a dash of almond extract in the dough? Sure! Red and green icing for Christmas? You bet!
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Exps Hcbz22 16297 P2 Md 05 24 6b 5

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Crinkles always look impressive, thanks to the powdered sugar the dough gets rolled in before baking. To make these your own, try adding dried cherries to the cookie dough, or peppermint extract and peppermint candy for a holiday twist.

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