Costco Is Selling Starbucks Egg Bites for a Limited Time

Our favorite breakfast item is now more accessible since we discovered Starbucks egg bites at Costco!

It’s not that easy to find a healthy breakfast item at a cafe. Whether it’s a bagel or a pastry, we’re always weighing ourselves down with carbs and sugar before the day has even started. For those of us trying to start the day by keeping things light, that can be frustrating. A standout, though, is Starbucks Egg Bites.

These sous vide eggs were introduced in 2017 and are definitely some of the best low-carb options at Starbucks, perfect for a commute or to enjoy at our desks. But now they’re about to become even better as their availability has expanded in an exciting way—you can now get Starbucks Egg Bites at Costco!

Starbucks Egg Bites Are Finally at Costco

It was news that we could hardly believe at first when Instagram user @costco_doesitagain, who seems to be quite the investigator, discovered Starbucks Egg Bites at Costco.

The Starbucks Egg Bites at Costco are the same bacon and Gruyere flavor as at Starbucks and are available as a 10-pack for $14.79. These bites are normally around $5 for a 2-pack at Starbucks, so not only is it a sweet deal, but it’s a good way to do some meal planning for the week!

These egg bites are made with uncured bacon, Gruyere and Monterey Jack cheeses, and cage-free eggs, so they’re low on starchy carbs but high on flavor!

Are They Available at All Costcos?

Earth Sleeves Courtesy Starbucks Egg Bites Sold At CostcoCourtesy Starbucks

This seems to be a find that only our friends with Costco memberships in the Northeast will get to enjoy, and only for a limited time. But if you are there, or can easily get there, this may be a good time to re-up that Costco membership.

Don’t have a Costco membership? Recreate your own Starbucks Egg Bites at home.

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