These Gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day Charcuterie Boards Are the Best Idea for March 17

Make this St. Patrick's Day the luckiest day of your life with these gorgeous charcuterie boards!

What’s the most fun way to prepare an entertaining snack for your family and friends? A beautiful charcuterie board, of course! If you’re unsure of what exactly a charcuterie board is, it’s basically a creative way of arranging deli meats, cheeses and other finger foods in an eye-pleasing pattern on a cutting board or plate. Contents can range from all meat to chips to cheese to fruit and vegetables—it’s all up to you!

But now it’s time for some festive pieces. These St. Patrick’s Day charcuterie boards by the ever-talented foodie @ainttooproudtomeg have everything you love about the holiday and more.

Skip the Blarney Stone—It’s All About Boards!

So, we already know what encompasses an average charcuterie board: finger foods galore! However, we find it much more interesting to see how people take the normal recipe and switch it up a bit. We’re talking themed boards, like Disney-fied boards, Halloween-themed boards and Christmas-themed boards…but what about some other holidays?

What sets these particular boards about is their color schemes. St. Patrick’s Day calls for a little luck and lots and lots of green. Some things you might include in this board are snap peas, pickle spears, green grapes and broccoli. You may even include some four-leafed clover cookies or seaweed sheets if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

Whatever screams “Irish” to you is exactly the kind of food you want on your board!

You may also want to go a more colorful route. Paying homage to the classic “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” lore that inevitably follows St. Patrick’s day, these boards feature fruits, veggies and snacks of all shapes and colors. Include some red bell peppers, orange slices, yellow peppers, cucumbers, blueberries and purple grapes. Just don’t forget the gold-wrapped chocolate coins for the perfect touch!

These gorgeous boards are the masterpieces from Meg Quinn of the Ain’t Too Proud to Meg blog. Her site and Instagram page are loaded with beautiful boards fit for any occasion, from Christmas to special occasions. Meg even builds dessert boards for when savory just isn’t hitting the spot—and you better believe they’re just as stunning as the rest.

Try Your Luck This Year

No matter how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, there’s no right or wrong way to create a charcuterie board. Choose food items you and your loved ones enjoy, and it will always be a great time. Never tried making a board before? Try one for the first time this year—maybe you’ll get lucky. Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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