18 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

You don't need to pay pots of gold on St. Patty's Day decorations. Get crafty and make these simple St. Patrick's Day decoration ideas instead from bloggers and Taste of Home Set Stylist, Stacey Genaw.

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st. Patricks Day wreath
Country Woman

Yarn Ball Wreath

This seasonal wreath starts with leftover yarn in white and different shades of green. Hot glue one end of the yarn to a 14-inch foam wreath, and then wrap the yarn around the wreath until it’s completely covered. Add dabs of glue at key points to keep the yarn in place.

Next, wrap foam balls of different sizes with various shades of yarn. Glue all of the balls to the wreath in a design of your choosing. Embellish with two knitting needles stuck into the top of the wreath, then hang it on your front door.

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Lucky Rainbow Sign
via landeeseelandeedo.com

Lucky Felt Flag

Show off how lucky you feel this St. Patrick’s Day with Landeelu‘s lucky flag craft. While she used a wooden plaque, you can also use a canvas flag as well. To make, lay painters tape an inch apart and paint rainbow stripes to fill the gaps. Let it dry and attach gold-painted letters that spell out “lucky” in the middle of your flag. To finish it off, print a shamrock shape, cut it out and glue it underneath the letters.

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Topiary Crepe Paper Rosettes
via itallstartedwithpaint.com

Pot of Gold Topiary

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day craft you don’t see often: A green rose topiary. This DIY idea from It All Started With Paint is classy and unexpected.

First, paint a planter pot golden and allow to dry. Grab a styrofoam ball and stick a wooden dowel rod through it and nestle it inside your pot with moss and a few gold coins. Then, create rosettes with green crepe paper by scrunching it up and folding the paper in half twice. Roll up to create a rosette shape and glue together with a hot glue gun. Once you’ve got your rosettes, hot glue them to the styrofoam ball.

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St Pattys Day Rainbow Closeup Via Blogger Sq
via thecrazycraftlady.com

Rainbow Wreath

Brighten everyone’s day with The Crazy Craft Lady‘s rainbow wreath DIY project. For this craft, you’ll need a foam wreath, rainbow ribbon, knife, pen, hot glue gun, scissors and white cardstock.

Grab your knife and cut your foam wreath in half, making two rainbow shapes. Then, mark your first rainbow with a pen where you want each color to start and end. Begin wrapping and gluing each color onto the wreath, making sure to overlap with the next color so you don’t have any white space. For the final touch, draw and cut out two white cardstock clouds and glue to each end of your magnificent rainbow.

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Make these rainbow recipes on St. Patty’s Day!

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Pot Of Gold st. patricks day craft
via the36thavenue.com

Pot of Gold Planter Pots

You don’t need to go chasing rainbows with The 36th Avenue‘s pot of gold planter craft. Paint a terracotta pot black and allow to dry. Then, paint the rim of the pot gold and paint a golden four leaf clover in the middle. (You could also use Modge Podge and gold glitter instead.) Fill with fake gold coins or, better yet, Rolo candies.

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Shamrock Moss Art

This beautiful moss art project from Oh My! Creative is super simple to make. Just hot glue and cut moss to fit on top of the glass of your picture frame. Then, attach a golden glitter shamrock to the middle of your frame. Easy peasy!

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St. Patrick’s Day Clothesline Art

The kiddos can give a helping hand making Artsy Fartsy Mama‘s St. Patrick’s Day clothesline art. Punch or cut out 16 hearts from green cardstock paper. (If you want, paint gold glitter paint over the hearts, too!) While they’re drying, tape or glue thread around the canvas, crisscrossing back and forth four times across the surface to make a “clothesline.” Then, clip four hearts on each line with mini clothespins.

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Leprechaun Cups
TMB Studio

Leprechaun Cups

Here’s a great idea for a St. Patrick’s Day party! Every St. Patty’s cocktail needs a fun embellishment. To make a leprechaun cup, wrap black ribbon around a glass and secure it with tape. Then, add a sequin sticker cut in a square to make the buckle.

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Try this leprechaun lime punch in your cups.

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Rainbow Sand Art Terrariums

For Average But Inspired‘s rainbow sand art terrariums, you’ll need mini glass vases, colored sand, gold glitter and faux succulents. Layer sand in a rainbow fashion with a gold glitter layer on the top. Make sure to save a little space for your succulent at the top. Then, top with a faux succulent.

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Ireland In A Jar
Country Woman

Ireland Under Glass

Bring the beautiful Irish countryside home to you. Build this mini highland habitat for some sweet little sheep. Fill a mason jar with decorative faux moss, a mini bonsai tree and tiny sheep made of fluffy cotton balls. Screw the lid and place on your countertop. This craft would make for a great table decoration for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

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Shamrock String Art

Get stringy with it with shamrock string art craft. Cut three heart shapes to form a shamrock shape and tape the hearts down on a wooden square. Then, hammer nails around the outline and remove the papers once you’re done nailing them down. Hammer down a few nails in the shape of a stem, too. Now for the fun part: Grab your green string and thread it following The Kim Six Fix‘s sunburst pattern.

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St. Patrick’s Day Shadow Boxes

St. Patrick’s Day shadow boxes are super customizable! The Crafting Nook decorates her shadow box with decorative layered cardstock paper and a flurry of fallen shamrocks. You could also cut out a cardstock leprechaun or a rainbow for a festive decoration.

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Irish Flag Mason Jar

Irish Flag Mason Jars

Repurpose an old mason jar to make Mason Jar Craft‘s Irish flag mason jars. Paint green, white and orange stripes onto your jar to represent The Tricolour. For easy painting, use tape to section out the stripes.

To get the rustic look, use fine sand paper to brush away paint on the raised lettering.

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Lucky Horseshoe Garland

There isn’t anything as lucky as a horseshoe—so it couldn’t be any more fitting to hang Positively Splendid‘s DIY lucky horseshoe garland to celebrate the luckiest holiday of the year.

Cut out glitter horseshoes (or paint wooden horseshoes in a variety of green glitter paints). Then, punch a hole at each end of the horseshoe. String them along a thread, leaving about 2 inches between each shoe. Tie ribbon bows between each to fill the gaps. Knot the ends and hang.

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St Patricks Day Planter

Pot of Gold Shamrock Planters

Here’s a great hostess gift or table décor. Spray paint black plastic cauldrons with gold spray paint. Then, add a ribbon and a sticker (or tag embellishment) onto your cauldron. Plant a fake houseplant or toss in a couple of gold chocolate coins.

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Rainbow Welcome Mat

Transform a semicircle rug into the rainbow welcome mat of your dreams with The House That Lars Built‘s craft.

Before you start, trace the welcome mat with paper to know what you’re working with. Then, cut 1 1/2 inches from the outside and weigh down the paper with some sort of weight (like pennies). Spray paint with red. Then, cut 1 1/2 inches down on your paper and spray paint with orange. Repeat these steps with yellow, green and blue spray paints to finish your rainbow.

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Green Ribbon Wreath

Welcome guests with this festive St Patty’s day wreath. Grab three yards of different festive fabrics (1 yards each), 1/4-inch yard green polka dot fabric, 12-inch wire wreath frame, scissors, iron and measuring tape.

Measure and cut your 3 yards of fabric into 1.5 x 7-inch strips of fabric. Tie the strips of fabric onto your wire wreath in a pattern one at a time starting on the outer edge and working your way in.

When your wreath is full, cut a piece of fabric that is 34 x 7 inches from your 1/4-inch yard green polka dot fabric. Fold the vertical sides in and iron in place making the fabric look like a strip of 3-inch wide ribbon. Place your strip of fabric through the center and tie the ends into a knot. Pull the knot behind the wreath and hang.

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St. Patricks Day Clover Button Art Tutoiral On Fleece Fun 700 By 1000

Shamrock Button Art

Fleece Fun‘s shamrock art idea is as cute as a button. Cut out 3 4×4-inch hearts and arrange them on your canvas in a clover shape. Hand draw the stem at the bottom. Start gluing larger green buttons with a hot glue gun and then start filling and glueing with medium and then small buttons to fill in the gaps. Dry and then shake off excess beads to complete your artwork.

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