How to Make a Christmas Charcuterie Board

Updated: Dec. 02, 2022

This Christmas charcuterie board is so snackable!

It’s time to think about making a gorgeous Christmas charcuterie board for holiday snacking. Perfect for a weekend game night, cozying up next to a fire or as the opening act to a special dinner, these fancy grazing plates add festive flair to an evening at home. And they’re easier than you might think to put together.

Don’t forget to keep this Christmas cheese board guide handy.

How to Make a Charcuterie Wreath

You can’t hang this particular wreath on your door. However, you can dress it up however you like. To get started, you’ll need a cutting board or platter to arrange your “wreath” on, and some small plates for serving if you’d like to gather up several bites at a time. (Cocktail napkins will also do the trick.) Plus, all the fixin’s, of course!

Some delicious go-tos include charcuterie meats, cheeses (sliced or cubed), olives, roasted nuts, creamy spreads, crackers, veggies and herbs (for the leafy part). You can even include some sweet bites like dried fruits, chocolate-covered nuts or one-bite Christmas cookies.

Simply arrange everything in a circle, then serve it up!

Crackers to Pair with Your Charcuterie
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Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

Just looking at how others have put together their own wreath charcuterie boards will make your mouth water and provide delicious inspiration. Check out this Christmas tree charcuterie board and some of Instagram’s best below.

Christmas Tree-Shaped Crackers

I love the pomegranate seeds for a burst of red and sprigs of rosemary for a green wreath-y look.

Christmas Cocoa Board

This is one you can leave out for Santa!

Christmas Charcuterie Wreath

Christmas-Tree Shaped Cheese

Use a cookie cutter to create tree shapes from firm cheeses like cheddar.

Ready to create your own wreath? Whether you go for the all-savory version or incorporate some sweet bites, the possibilities are endless…and oh-so-tasty. So, create the Christmas charcuterie board of your holiday dreams!

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