Chicken Wing Recipes

Looking for chicken wings? Find recipes for chicken wings including bbq chicken wings, spicy chicken wings, and more chicken wings recipes.

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    Sesame Chicken Wings

    6 reviews

    Many times I've taken this dish to church dinners and I'm always asked for the recipe. It's a super appetizer...

    Sweet Gingered Chicken Wings

    2 reviews

    I first tasted this delicious chicken dish when I attended a class on using honey in cooking. When I prepare...

    Breaded Chicken Wings

    4 reviews

    No one can pass up seconds of these golden brown goodies from field editor Nancy Schmidt of Center, Colorado. Basil,...

    Moist N Tender Wings

    3 reviews

    Here are some irresistible, fall-off-the-bone chicken wings that everyone will love. Chili sauce and powder give them just a bit...

    Tangy Barbecue Wings

    20 reviews

    I took these slow-cooked wings to work, and they vanished before I even got a bite! The tangy sauce is...

    Crispy Onion Wings

    3 reviews

    My wife, daughters and I often enjoy these buttery wings while watching TV on Saturday nights. The crisp coating of...

    Orange-Glazed Chicken Wings

    7 reviews

    "I normally don't care for wings, but after I tried this recipe that was shared by a coworker, it changed...

    Bowl of Bones

    3 reviews

    These tender, saucy wings have a hint of sweet and tangy lime flavor. Your guests will devour them!—Taste of Home...

    Peanut Chicken Wings

    Creamy peanut butter and chili powder prove they’re an ideal match for any wing that comes along. Round out the...

    Buffalo Chicken Wings

    2 reviews

    Hot wings got their start in Buffalo, New York, in a kitchen. Although there was no game on at the...

    Bandito Chicken Wings

    6 reviews

    These golden wings make a mouthwatering hot appetizer. —Gloria Jarrett, Loveland, Ohio

    Five-Spice Chicken Wings

    3 reviews

    Bird is the word when it comes to these wings. They’re baked to a perfect golden brown and hum with...

    Maple-Glazed Chicken Wings

    3 reviews

    Some wonderful maple syrup I brought back from my last trip to Vermont inspired my recipe. These wings have been...

    Glazed Orange Chicken Wings

    Frozen juice concentrate is the tasty base for moist and tender chicken wings. They're well-glazed but not too sticky. So...

    Honey-Glazed Wings

    4 reviews

    My family favors chicken wings that are mildly seasoned with honey, ginger, soy sauce and chili sauce. Tasty and tender,...

    Ginger-Orange Wings

    3 reviews

    The sweet-and-sour sauce in this recipe was originally for pork spareribs, but my family has always enjoyed it this way....

    Deep-Fried Chicken Wings

    8 reviews

    A soy sauce mixture with sesame seeds and green onion adds flavor to these deep-fried wings. My mom got the...

    Grilled Peach BBQ Chicken Wings

    7 reviews

    These wings make an irresistible addition to any backyard get-together! —Silvana Nardone, Brooklyn, New York

    Buttery Hot Wings

    10 reviews

    Carol Hille
    Grand Junction, Colorado

    “These zesty wings were taste-tested and approved by a group of hungry firefighters. I...

    Slow-Cooked Cranberry Hot Wings

    3 reviews

    Cranberry wings remind me of all the wonderful celebrations and parties we've had through the years. My daughter’s friends can’t...

    Orange-Pecan Hot Wings

    3 reviews

    We like to use oranges and orange juice in lots of different ways—we even have an orange tree in our...

    Spicy Hot Wings

    1 review

    "Friends and family go wild when I serve these tongue-tingling baked chicken wings," relates Anna Free of Loudonville, Ohio. "The...

    Taco-Flavored Chicken Wings

    6 reviews

    Deb Keslar of Utica, Nebraska dresses up chicken wings with grill marks and a lively marinade to create a fantastic...

    Spicy Maple Chicken Wings

    9 reviews

    My girls and I often ask my husband to make his famous chicken wings. They’re sweet yet spicy, and we...

    Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings

    5 reviews

    The meat literally falls off the bones of these wings! Spice lovers will get a kick out of the big...

    Spicy Butterscotch Wings

    5 reviews

    We love big-time-spicy chicken wings. I do a caramel sauce to balance the heat, but you could also glaze the...

    Pressure-Cooker Cranberry Hot Wings

    1 review

    Cranberry wings remind me of all the wonderful celebrations and parties we've had through the years. My daughter?s friends can?t...