Honey-Mustard Chicken Wings Recipe photo by Taste of Home
Total Time
Prep: 15 min. Bake: 1 hour
Homemade baked honey-mustard wings are packed with flavor, thanks to spicy mustard and your favorite honey, and they're easy to make for any gathering.

Updated: Feb. 28, 2024

When it comes to wings, you don’t have to be sitting on a sticky bar stool to enjoy a fresh platter. Homemade wings are not only possible to cook at home, they’re actually easy to make and incredibly delicious. This recipe for honey-mustard wings is case in point.

We have lots of chicken wing recipes to choose from, but I recommend starting with these honey-mustard wings. They’re a fan favorite due to the sweet-savory sauce combo, and they’re oven-baked, so no frying necessary. Whether it’s game day and you need football food or you’re just hankering for some wings, we’ve got you covered.

Ingredients for Honey-Mustard Wings

  • Chicken wings: You can buy whole chicken wings and break them down yourself, ask the butcher to do it for you, or buy them precut into flats and drums or drumettes. Sometimes you can buy all flats or all drums, but that’s a personal preference.
  • Honey: There are a lot of reasons and ways to cook with honey. In this recipe, honey is responsible for the sweetness and viscosity of the sauce. As it cooks down, it thickens, creating a sauce that sticks perfectly to the wings.
  • Mustard: Mustard is a great addition to almost any sauce, with its deep, spicy flavor. And, like the honey, mustard lends viscosity to the sauce so it thickens enough to stick to the wings. We use a spicy brown mustard for this recipe, but you can use Dijon or any mustard variety you enjoy.


Step 1: Break down the wings

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Line two 15×10 inch baking pans with foil or parchment. Grease the foil or parchment.

Editor’s Tip: If you didn’t buy precut chicken wings, set up a clean station for the chicken wings with a cutting board and a sharp knife. Take a chicken wing, and find where the drumette and wingette come together in a V. Using your fingers, find the joint, and use the knife to gently slice through and separate the flat and drumette. If you’re right in the joint, it should be easy to cut through! Next, find the joint between the wingette and the wing tip, and slice through that as well. The wing tips can be discarded or saved to use later in stock.

Step 2: Make the sauce

In a small saucepan, combine the mustard, honey, cubed butter, lemon juice and turmeric. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently, allowing the sauce to thicken and come together.

Step 3: Toss the wings in the sauce, and bake

Honey Mustard Chicken Wings served in a basket with drinksTMB Studio

Place the wings in the prepared pans. Pour the sauce over the wings, and toss to coat. Arrange the wings in a single layer. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes per side, until wings are glazed, chicken juices run clear, and a thermometer inserted into thickest portion of meat registers at least 165°. If desired, serve with additional honey mustard.

Recipe Variations

  • Add some spice to your wings: This honey-mustard wing sauce already has a little kick thanks to the spicy mustard. But if you want to boost the heat, add some Sriracha, hot sauce, a pinch of cayenne pepper or minced jalapenos to give these wings a boost.
  • Try different flavors: There are so many different flavors of chicken wings, where do we start? Check out some of our favorite chicken wing sauce recipes for sweet, spicy, tangy and barbecue sauce ideas.

How long do honey-mustard wings last?

These wings will stay good for up to five days in the refrigerator, but they’re definitely best served fresh from the oven. That way the skin will still be crispy and the sauce will be warm and sticky. To enjoy leftovers, heat them for a few minutes in the oven or toaster oven.

Honey-Mustard Wings Tips

Pieces of Honey Mustard Chicken Wings served in a basketTMB Studio

Can you fry honey-mustard wings instead of baking?

If you prefer fried wings over baked wings, you can still enjoy them with honey-mustard sauce. Just fry up your wings in a Dutch oven on the stove, or use an air fryer, then toss in the cooked sauce before serving.

What would you serve with honey-mustard wings?

I’m a classic wings girl, so I always want them served with some blue cheese dressing with carrots and celery. You can also serve them as a main course and pair them with a classic green salad like a Caesar salad. If they’re a part of your game-day spread, they’ll most likely be surrounded by lots of creamy dip recipes, chips and guacamole.

Watch how to Make Honey-Mustard Chicken Wings

Honey-Mustard Wings

Prep Time 15 min
Yield about 3 dozen


  • 4 pounds chicken wings
  • 1/2 cup spicy brown mustard
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup butter, cubed
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric


  1. Preheat oven to 400°. Line two 15x10x1-in. baking pans with foil or parchment; grease foil or parchment. Using a sharp knife, cut through the 2 chicken wing joints; discard wing tips. Place remaining wings in prepared pans.
  2. In a small saucepan, combine remaining ingredients; bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Pour over wings, turning to coat. Bake 30-40 minutes on each side or until wings are glazed and chicken juices run clear. If desired, serve with additional honey mustard.

Nutrition Facts

1 piece: 85 calories, 5g fat (2g saturated fat), 19mg cholesterol, 59mg sodium, 4g carbohydrate (4g sugars, 0 fiber), 5g protein.

For a change from spicy Buffalo sauce, try these sweet and sticky wings. There's a good chance they'll become your new favorite! —Susan Seymour, Valatie, New York
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