Cucumber Salad Recipes

Can’t get enough of Taste of Home cucumber salads? We’ve got the best cucumber salad recipes from real cooks like you, with reviews and how-to videos.

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Turnip Greens Salad

My Turnip Greens Salad was created using items from my garden. Because most people cook turnip greens, I wanted to present those same greens in a way that would retain their nutrient content. You can also add different kinds of meat, like cooked shrimp or chicken. —James McCarroll, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Cucumber Coleslaw

4 reviews

I created this cucumber coleslaw recipe so I could use a julienne peeler I received as a gift. I had...

Vegan Quinoa Salad

3 reviews

Toasting the grain before it simmers isn't essential, but it does add a pleasant nuttiness to the flavor of this...

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Sour Cream Cucumbers Salad

5 reviews

GETTING kids to eat their vegetables can be tricky business for many parents. Admits Karen Holt, “My kids are not...

Radish Cucumber Salad

1 review

I put this cucumber radish salad together with vegetables I had left in my garden. My family liked it so...

Couscous Tabbouleh with Fresh Mint & Feta

1 review

Using couscous instead of bulgur for tabbouleh really speeds up the process of making this colorful salad. Other quick-cooking grains,...

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Sour Cream Cucumbers

113 reviews

We have a tradition at our house to serve this creamy cucumber salad with the other Hungarian specialties my mom...

Gyro Salad with Tzatziki Dressing

3 reviews

If you're fond of gyros, you'll enjoy this garden-fresh gyro salad showcasing ground lamb, crumbled feta cheese, Kalamata olives, tomatoes...

Cool Cucumber Salad

4 reviews

This Salad is a refreshing complement to any meal, and it's attractive on the table. Whenever I'm asked to bring...

Lemon Avocado Salad Dressing

This creamy dressing, with its bold lemon flavor, is a refreshing change of pace, it's not one you'll see on...

Garden Tomato Salad

10 reviews

For as long as I can remember, Mom made a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers. Now I make it whenever...

Sesame-Ginger Cucumber Salad

1 review

I love the marinated sides and salads that come with meals at Japanese restaurants and wanted to try them at...

Cucumber Tomato and Green Onion Salad

10 reviews

My mother always made this salad, so I tried it on my future husband when we were courting. I discovered...

Cucumbers with Dill

8 reviews

Sprinkling cucumber slices with salt and letting them stand in a colander draws out excess water so they stay crisp...

Italian Tomato Cucumber Salad

15 reviews

This yummy medley of vegetables is a cool complement to zesty dishes like my fish, and also barbecued meats and...

Cucumbers with Dressing

29 reviews

It wouldn't be summer if Mom didn't make lots of these creamy cucumbers. Just a few simple ingredients—mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar...

Summer Garden Couscous Salad

25 reviews

This couscous salad makes the most of summer's bounty. I used to prepare it with a mayonnaise dressing, but lightened...

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Minty Watermelon-Cucumber Salad

32 reviews

Capturing the fantastic flavors of summer, this refreshing, beautiful watermelon-cucumber salad will be the talk of any picnic or potluck....

Khmer Pickled Vegetable Salad

4 reviews

I grew up as a missionary kid in Cambodia, and most of my favorite foods have a Southeast Asian background....

Corn ‘n’ Cucumbers Salad

3 reviews

This cucumber corn salad was one of my mother's recipes and I think of her whenever I make it. It's...

Balsamic Cucumber Salad

17 reviews

Cucumber salad recipes are my absolute favorite! This fast, fresh salad is a winner at every get together. It's an...

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Pennsylvania Dutch Cucumbers

18 reviews

My mom's side of the family was German and Irish. Settling in Pennsylvania, they adopted some of the cooking and...

Asian Cucumber Salad

2 reviews

This colorful Asian cucumber salad makes a simple, cool side dish when we have stir-fry for dinner. —Tari Ambler, Shorewood,...