Blueberry Pie Recipes

Looking for recipes for blueberry pie? Taste of Home has the best blueberry pie recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips.

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    Cast-Iron Cherry-Berry Peach Pie

    I had an overabundant supply of cherries one year, so I adapted several recipes to use them up. I knew this one was a keeper when I received phone calls from my Mother and Grandmother complimenting me on this pie.—Amy Hartke, Elgin, Illinois

    Our Very Best Blueberry Pie Recipes

    These are our best blueberry pie recipes, all with the little blue fruit we know and love, that will have...

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    All-American Pie

    With apples, cherries and blueberries, this patriotic slab pie even tastes American. If the day doesn't call for stars and...

    Red, White and Blue Berry Pie

    16 reviews

    To me, this colorful pie is the epitome of summer. Bright blueberries and raspberries sandwich a cream cheese layer in...

    Creamy Banana-Berry Pie

    1 review

    Cool, creamy and topped with bananas and fresh blueberries, this pretty pie from our Test Kitchen is lighter than air...

    Blueberry Raspberry Pie

    6 reviews

    Field editor Earlene Ertelt of Woodburn, Oregon shared this lovely fruity dessert that tastes like summer. She notes, "This is...

    Blueberry Cream Pie

    13 reviews

    Whenever I ask my family which pie they'd like me to make, everyone gives the same answer - Blueberry Cream...

    Berry Tarts

    These delicate tarts are lovely. A tender crust and hint of lemon make them irresistible.—Stephanie Mullen, Whitehorse, Yukon

    Ozark Blueberry Pie

    2 reviews

    Blueberries grow well in this area, and this old-time recipe goes over well with pie eaters. It won first prize...

    Three-Berry Pie with Crumb Topping

    3 reviews

    I first made this pie for my family because I didn't have enough of one kind of berry. Now, I...

    Ozark Blue-Cranberry Pie

    Here in the Missouri Ozarks, my daughter and I pick blueberries at a nearby Amish farm and freeze them for...

    Creamy Blueberry Pie

    1 review

    A co-worker and her husband own a blueberry farm— so we have a ready supply of fresh berries in the...

    Easy Blueberry Cream Pie

    This is a favorite pie with my family come blueberry season here in Michigan.—Diane Bullis, Grant, Michigan

    Berry Pie

    4 reviews

    The recipe for this pie was sent to us by a women who dined with us and said her aunt...

    Peach Berry Pie

    2 reviews

    Maxine Griggs of Sedalia, Missouri won a state fair pie contest with this pretty lattice-topped entry. "It features a trio...

    Blackberry Apple Pie

    1 review

    My mother made this pie so often, she could do it with her eyes closed! We picked the berries ourselves,...

    Blueberry-Blackberry Rustic Tart

    18 reviews

    My dad would always stop our car on the side of the road in Maine and say, "I smell blueberries."...

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    Mixed Berry Pie

    25 reviews

    Here's a delightful way to enjoy summertime fruits. If you're short on one of the berries, just make up the...

    Cherry Blueberry Pie

    4 reviews

    Southwestern Michigan is noted for its fruit. I experimented and came up with this pie recipe that combines cherries and...

    Berry Phyllo Tarts

    Lightly glazed fresh fruit nestled in delicate pastry creates a looks-like-you-fussed dessert. Shares TerryAnn Moore of Vineland, New Jersey. "One...

    Red, White and Blueberry Pie

    6 reviews

    This creamy pie gets dressed up with berries to make a showstopping display at any Fourth of July party or...

    Berry Pistachio Pie

    My grandmother used to make this pie when I was a small child. A Brooklyn woman gave her the recipe,...

    Fresh Blueberry Pie

    2 reviews

    As a sweet finale to Father's meal, surprise him with this dessert-it'll remind him of the pies his mother used...

    Berry Best Fried Pies

    "When I was growing up, we'd eat these wonderful fried pies faster than Mom could make them," recalls Sharon Garrison...

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    Heavenly Blueberry Tart

    11 reviews

    Mmm—this tart is bursting with the fresh flavor of blueberries! Not only do I bake berries with the crust, but...

    Flaky Bumbleberry Pie

    7 reviews

    When you want to make an impression, make this pie! The recipe produces one of the flakiest crusts ever, and...

    Blueberry & Ginger Tart

    2 reviews

    Wow! That’s what you’ll hear when you bring this showstopping tart to the table. A hint of mint and lime,...

    Crumbleberry Pie

    2 reviews

    —Maria Regakis, Somerville, Massachusetts

    Rhu-berry Pie

    2 reviews

    I cook in a coffee shop, so I'm always looking for new and unique pies to serve my customers. The...

    Fresh Berry & Almond Tarts

    2 reviews

    We had a “Taste of Home” party with friends who love to try new recipes. These appetizers were a hit....