Sundae Recipes

Make dessert a party with these sundae recipes—ice cream split recipes included, of course.

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    22 of Our Best Ice Cream Sundae Ideas for Summer

    Cool off with our best ice cream sundae ideas. We have sweet recipes for banana splits, hot fudge sauce, fruit sundaes and more.

    Vanilla Ice Cream with Nerds

    Top your scoop of ice cream with Nerds rainbow candy, crushed Smarties and a Ding-Dong on the side. —Rachel Seis,...

    Vanilla Ice Cream with Jam

    A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry jam, chocolate chips and chopped nuts. —Donna Paprocki, Des Plaines, Illinois


    1 review

    Affogato, which is espresso and ice cream mixed together, is awesome. You can also try it with Cuban coffee.—Cathy Killinger...

    Vanilla Ice Cream with Melted Peanut Butter

    6 reviews

    Melted peanut butter! —Rd Stendel-Freels, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Vanilla Ice Cream with Ritz Crackers

    1 review

    Ritz crackers and Hershey’s chocolate sauce! It’s so good! —Brooklyn Reynolds, Anderson, Indiana

    Vanilla Ice Cream with French Fries

    Ice cream and French fries. —Tracy Strickland, Shipshewana, Indiana

    Vanilla Ice Cream with Maple Syrup and Bacon

    Vanilla ice cream with maple syrup and crispy thick-cut bacon. —Carol Feldmann, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

    Vanilla Ice Cream and Cornflakes

    1 review

    The sweet crunch of this combination is so good that you'll crave another scoop! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream and Fruit

    Cinnamon-infused, pear, chocolate, even plain—whatever the flavor, balsamic vinegar on ice cream is amazing! —Allison Ochoa, Hays, Kansas

    Vanilla Ice Cream with Crushed Potato Chips

    1 review

    Crushed potato chips and ice cream; the combo gives you both sweet and salty. —Pam Slack, Freeburg, Illinois

    Here’s How to Make a Parlor-Style Sundae at Home

    Few things are more fun than an ice cream sundae! And it's even better when you're able to create your...

    22 Old-School Soda Shop Recipes to Make at Home

    You don't need counter service to belly up to these soda shop favorites. Try these retro recipes at home. (No...

    Banana Sundae Sauce

    1 review

    Try this luscious banana sundae topping at your next ice-cream social. I guarantee you'll be asked to bring it again....

    Florentine Sundae

    With canned pineapple and your favorite frozen sherbet, this is a refreshing dessert you can depend on throughout the year.

    Roll-a-Strike Sundaes

    These yummy banana splits are topped with a velvety chocolate sauce that's scrumptious..and easy to make!—Lizz (Elizabeth) Loder, Fox Point,...

    Easy Ice Cream Sundae Dessert

    11 reviews

    In summer, nothing's better than ice cream sundaes. We kids couldn't wait to dig into this tempting dessert. It's...

    Sweetheart Brownie Sundae

    I MAKE this special treat for my family whenever there's a birthday or anniversary. Even without a special occasion, it...

    Cherry Cheesecake Sundaes

    This sundae has quite a few options! Substitute another pie filling, such as blueberry, for the cherry. Nuts, sprinkles and...

    Chocolate Pudding Sundaes

    1 review

    This smooth pudding tastes great over ice cream.—Ruth Peterson, Jenison, Michigan

    Spiced Apple Sundaes

    This dessert was inspired by my son, Logan, who commented one day that it was too bad it took so...

    Peachy Sundaes

    Peachy Sundaes are a treat grandmother Betty Claycomb has enjoyed since she was a teenager. "Years ago, a friend worked...

    Peachy Banana Splits

    THIS is a simple yet perfect ending to a meal for two on a summer's evening.
    Whenever I make...

    Applescotch Sundaes

    1 review

    "Oregon produces some of the best apples in the country, so we're always coming up with new and delicious ways...

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    Bananas Foster on the Grill

    Bananas Foster is my husband's favorite dessert, and this is one of the easiest recipes I've ever found. Not only...

    Sweetheart Sundaes

    1 review

    A creamy peanut butter sauce and cute chocolate garnishes turn plain ice cream into pretty parfaits. "This tempting dessert is...

    Crunchy Banana Splits

    For dessert, this is a hurried-up version of friend ice cream. Coated with buttery crushed cereal and nuts, they're a...

    Pear Sundaes

    This recipe is perfect for an uncommon dessert that's fresh and fast. These sweet caramel pears overs ice cream are...

    Watermelon Sundaes

    Guest always save room for fun and frosty Watermelon Sundaes. "For recipes like this that use fresh produce, my blender...

    Cherry Cappuccino Sundaes

    Most of my favorite recipes come from Reiman Publications, but this one I adapted from our local newspaper. It's a...