Sugar Cookie Recipes

No cookie jar is complete without these easy sugar cookie recipes. Upgrade an old recipe or learn a new favorite with our how-to guides, tips and tricks.

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Nutmeg Sugar Cookies

1 review

The holidays are my favorite time of year because I love to bake. These are one of my favorite cookies—they...

Anise Sugar Cookies

11 reviews

As much as I love giving away my baking, a few goodies—like these anise sugar cookies—are keepers. The light anise...

Easter Sugar Cookies

3 reviews

Cream cheese contributes to the rich taste of these melt-in-your-mouth Easter sugar cookies. They have such nice flavor, you can...

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Pudding Sugar Cookies

10 reviews

Sharon Reed of Catlin, Illinois says, "This recipe, which was passed on by a friend, has become a year-round favorite...

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Buttery Sugar Cookies

5 reviews

It's a good thing this recipe makes a big batch because no one can stop eating just one! These crisp...

Holly Berry Cookies

2 reviews

What would Christmas be without overflowing tins of cookies? These festive filled cookies are the all time favorites of my...

Salted Caramel Cookie Cups

5 reviews

When I brought these salty sweet cookies to a potluck, I overheard people talking about how wonderful they were. I'm...

Sand Dollar Cookies

1 review

Before the military relocated our family, my children had never lived near the ocean. I came up with this special...

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Icebox Sugar Cookies

2 reviews

Louise Worsham of Kalamazoo, Michigan has been making light, buttery and easily portable Icebox Sugar Cookies since she was a...

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Sugar Cookie Slices

6 reviews

I was fortunate to inherit this recipe from my husband's great-aunt. They slice nicely and are easier to make than...

Santa Sugar Cookies

4 reviews

Ho ho ho! St. Nick can drop in any time when you bake these cute-as-can-be treats formed with a heart-shaped...

Maple Sugar Cookies

4 reviews

This recipe is requested by friends and family every time I'm asked to bring cookies for an event. Folks enjoy...

Deluxe Sugar Cookies

13 reviews

Christmas cutouts signal the holiday season. For variety, sprinkle half of the cookies with colored sugar before baking and frost...

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

6 reviews

We bake these cookies for holidays and other special occasions. The recipe is one of my great-grandmother's that I received...

Cutout Sugar Cookies

5 reviews

Cutting fun shapes from sweet dough and decorating the cookies with icing and candies is a Christmas-time tradition many families,...

Lemon Sugar Cookies

19 reviews

These are my favorite sugar cookies. The lemon adds a unique flavor. They sure are good with coffee when company...

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookies

17 reviews

Cream cheese helps create the rich, melt-in-your-mouth taste of these perfect cookies. Forget any other sugar cookie recipe-this is the...

Crisp Lemon Sugar Cookies

14 reviews

I have had this recipe for about 40 years, and in that time I've made a few changes. These cookies...

Daria’s Best-Ever Sugar Cookies

9 reviews

After years of searching for the best sugar cookie recipe, believe me, this is it! Almond paste gives a hint...

Crispy Sugar Cookies

2 reviews

My son Josiah enjoys making treats. This recipe is great for kids because it has two manageable time blocks—mixing and...

Soft Sugar Cookie Puffs

6 reviews

My husband's Aunt Laurel always made these cake-like cookies with her own farm-fresh eggs, cream and butter. Now I prepare...

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Easy Soft Sugar Cookies

3 reviews

I was born in Africa and grew up enjoying cardamom. Through the years, I've experimented with this herb in a...

Sugar Cookie Cutouts

5 reviews

I must have over 100 different cookie cutters and have had fun putting them to use with this recipe over...

Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

2 reviews

To celebrate the pitter-patter of tiny feet (or any occasion), crisp buttery sugar cookies like these are a hit, hands...

Brown Sugar Icebox Cookies

9 reviews

My daughters and I have been fairly successful competitors at county fairs and baking contests for years. This is one...

Vinegar Sugar Cookies

5 reviews

Mom gave me this recipe when I was married. It’s been in our family for generations. Young and old alike...

Pastel Tea Cookies

1 review

These glazed sugar cookies are perfect for nibbling between sips at a tea party, graduation or shower. —Lori Henry, Elkhart,...

Crispy Butter Cookies

4 reviews

These cookies are easy to make and taste so good. They're very crisp and light, perfect with milk or coffee.

Smooth Sailing Sugar Cookies

6 reviews

With a fresh breeze, my longtime-favorite sugar cookie recipe got under way on a new track. I cut out sailboats...