Sugar Cookie Recipes

No cookie jar is complete without these easy sugar cookie recipes. Upgrade an old recipe or learn a new favorite with our how-to guides, tips and tricks.

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Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies

These were my family's favorite cookies when I was growing up. We requested them so much that my mom taught us how to make them as soon as we could safely use the oven. Whenever I'm craving a little chocolate, these cookies do the trick! —Amanda Wimmer, Salt Lake City, Utah

3-Ingredient Sugar Cookies

1 review

Customize this easy recipe by adding vanilla or almond extract. You could even mix in sprinkles or miniature chocolate chips....

We Tried the Dolly Parton Sugar Cookie Kit—Here’s What We Thought

Just in time for the holidays, we tested the new Dolly Parton sugar cookie mix from Duncan Hines.

I Made 3-Ingredient Sugar Cookies and the Recipe Is Impossible to Forget

You only need butter, sugar and flour to make 3-ingredient sugar cookies, so there's no reason not to bake a...

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Peppermint Sugar Cookies

These peppermint sugar cookies take my taste buds right to winter. Their crisp, distinct taste reminds me of the peppermint...

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How to Make Sugar Cookies, a Cookie Jar Classic

Think sugar cookies are just for the holidays? Think again! Learn how to make sugar cookies from scratch that you...

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet

Ever wonder how those stunning edible arrangements are made? This handy guide will walk you through how to make a...

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37 Cutout Cookies to Make All Year Long

Think those cookie cutters are just for Christmas? Think again! You can make cut-out cookies all year with these tasty...

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Our Best Sugar Cookie Recipes

You want the best sugar cookie recipe when it comes time to bake up a treat and we've rounded up...

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Summertime Fun Cookies

2 reviews

Use this basic sugar cookie recipe to make the perfect poolside treat. Kids (and adults) won't be able to get...

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Sugar Cookie Tips for the Best-Ever Treats

Looking to make your best batch yet? These sugar cookie tips ensure you get soft, chewy cookies with every bake.

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Air-Fryer Lemon Slice Sugar Cookies

Here's a refreshing variation of my grandmother's sugar cookie recipe. Lemon pudding mix and icing add a subtle tartness that...

Mom’s Lemon Sugar Cookies

6 reviews

These tender, soft sugar cookies have just a hint of lemon. If you like more lemon flavor, go ahead and...

Candy Cane Blossom Cookies

19 reviews

We like to stir different flavored candy canes into the dough for fun variety. —Joan Cossette, Colbert, Washington

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookies

17 reviews

Cream cheese helps create the rich, melt-in-your-mouth taste of these perfect cookies. Forget any other sugar cookie recipe-this is the...

Vinegar Sugar Cookies

5 reviews

Mom gave me this recipe when I was married. It’s been in our family for generations. Young and old alike...

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Lemon Oatmeal Cookies

25 reviews

This is an especially fun recipe to make with kids because they can roll the dough into balls and flatten...

Cardamom Sugar Cookies

2 reviews

The warm flavor of cardamom spices up these classic sugar cookies. They’re the ideal treat for your homemade goody basket....

Classic Candy Cane Butter Cookies

4 reviews

To make cookies that look like candy canes, we color half the dough in classic red and twist away. They're...

Frosted Anise Sugar Cookies

5 reviews

These soft, cake-like cookies have a pleasant anise flavor that's distinct but not overpowering. I add red and green sprinkles...

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

25 reviews

I make these cookies for my family and our neighbors every Valentine’s Day. The heart-shaped treats stay soft for at...

Grandma’s Favorite Sugar Cookies

1 review

“Whenever company came to our house, my mother would bring out a batch of her sugar cookies,” says Ann DeHass,...

Nutmeg Sugar Cookies

1 review

The holidays are my favorite time of year because I love to bake. These are one of my favorite cookies—they...

Walnut Sugar Cookies

2 reviews

When we were growing up, my mother made sugar cookies dotted with ground walnuts as a special treat to welcome...

Pumpkin-Spice Sugar Cookies

2 reviews

I've been making these quick and easy cookies for over 20 years. They're the first to go at our annual...

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Thick Sugar Cookies

9 reviews

This thick and cakelike sugar cookie is similar to those sold at bakeries. My children often request these for their...

Frosted Cutout Sugar Cookies

1 review

“As a girl, I helped Mom make these crunchy cutout cookies. Iced and sprinkled with colored sugar, they're the best!”...

Lemon Pudding Cookies

3 reviews

These lemon slice cookies are a refreshing variation of my grandmother's sugar cookies. Lemon pudding mix and icing add a...

Soft Buttermilk Sugar Cookies

11 reviews

Gatherings are very important to my family, so we have lots of recipes that are favorites. My grandma introduced these...

Cranberry Pecan Cookies

17 reviews

These are so tasty and simple to prepare! Each delightful little cookie is loaded with cranberries, nuts and vanilla, giving...

Frosted Brown Sugar Cookies

3 reviews

These old-fashioned, cake-like cookies are sweet and buttery. They pair equally well with a glass of cold milk or a...