Chicken Noodle Casserole Recipes

Turn to these chicken noodle casserole recipes when you’re in need of comfort food. With simple chicken noodle casserole recipe cheesy chicken noodle casserole recipe

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    Chicken Marsala Pasta

    Back in 2008, I won first place in a state fair cooking contest with this chicken marsala pasta. I absolutely love mushrooms, and this dish is full of them! You can substitute Italian dressing mix for the ranch with equally delicious results. —Regina Farris, Mesquite, Texas

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    25 Chicken and Noodle Casserole Recipes We Crave

    These chicken and noodle recipes are a match made in casserole heaven.

    Spicy Chicken and Bacon Mac

    18 reviews

    I've been working to perfect a creamy, spicy mac and cheese for years. After adding smoky bacon, chicken, jalapenos and...

    Fontina Chicken & Pasta Bake

    14 reviews

    Eat it tonight, or freeze it for later. This cheesy casserole is still awesome months after you make it. —Taste...

    Greek Spaghetti with Chicken

    9 reviews

    Flavorful spaghetti surely provides a comforting dinner. Featuring chicken, spinach and two types of cheese, this is a crowd-pleaser. —Melanie...

    Cashew Chicken Bake

    I first tasted this easy chicken dish at the home of a good friend years ago. I've made it many...

    Avocado Chicken Casserole

    6 reviews

    From Clarksville, Texas, Martha Sue Stroud relates, "Avocados look luscious in this easy layered casserole, and they melt in your...

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    Chicken Casserole

    31 reviews

    The original old family recipe for this chicken casserole called for the sauce to be made from scratch. Through the...

    Four-Cheese Chicken Fettuccine

    25 reviews

    As a cattle rancher, my husband's a big fan of beef. For him to comment on a poultry dish is...

    Quick Chicken Stroganoff

    4 reviews

    I concocted this recipe for those evenings when I'm running late and everyone is hungry. Even my finicky 4-year-old asks...

    Ravioli Chicken Casserole

    1 review

    "I threw this together one when I had to work late and my new in-laws stopped over for the first...

    Chicken Macaroni Casserole

    6 reviews

    My favorite main dish recipe from Mom, this casserole is considered "birthday food" because we often requested it for our...

    Cheesy Mexican Chicken Alfredo

    3 reviews

    I was hosting a baby shower and wanted to serve something everyone would enjoy. I created this recipe on a...

    Zippy Chicken Noodle Casserole

    1 review

    Cayenne pepper gives a little zip to this creamy chicken bake. It's one of my most-requested dishes for potluck dinners...

    Warm Chicken Tortellini Au Gratin

    4 reviews

    This is one of my favorite recipes. Pasta from Monday plus roasted chicken from Tuesday equals this delicious dish on...

    Chicken Florentine Casserole

    19 reviews

    Creamy and comforting, this chicken and spinach bake is sure to be a hit at dinnertime. The toasty bread crumb...

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    Chicken & Cheese Noodle Bake

    49 reviews

    This is the recipe my daughters and I often make for new parents when they come home from the hospital....

    Mexican Chicken Alfredo

    60 reviews

    One family member likes Italian; another likes Mexican. They’ll never compromise when this is on the menu. —Tia Woodley, Stockbridge,...

    Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

    17 reviews

    Sure, 10-cent wing night at your local pub is a blast, but a night at home with a clever casserole...

    Cajun Chicken Pasta Bake

    13 reviews

    My family loves pasta, so I decided to get in the kitchen and come up with my own chicken pasta...

    Broccoli Chicken Bake

    7 reviews

    Get the benefits of broccoli while enjoying a guilt-free casserole. Phyllis Schmalz of Kansas City, Kansas shares this satisfying and...

    Favorite Creamy Chicken Casserole

    41 reviews

    I created this noodle casserole when my husband was craving a dish his aunt used to make. It tastes and...

    Macaroni Chicken Casserole

    6 reviews

    Start the evening off right with this piping hot, hearty casserole from Quincie Ball of Shelton, Washington. Topped with crispy...

    Chicken Noodle Delight

    5 reviews

    A creamy casserole can make any day better. And it really satisfies on special occasions. A neighbor made this dish...

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    Makeover Chicken Noodle Delight

    5 reviews

    A creamy casserole can make any day better. And it really satisfies on special occasions. A neighbor made this dish...

    Chicken Ranch Mac & Cheese

    24 reviews

    Prep once and feed the family twice when you double this chicken mac and cheese and freeze half of it....

    Comforting Chicken Noodle Casserole

    20 reviews

    This rich casserole is ideal comfort food for your family on a chilly spring night. Round out the menu with...

    Creamy Chicken Noodle Bake

    12 reviews

    Talk about a potluck pleaser! This comforting, creamy casserole is bursting with tender chunks of chicken. Even the pickiest eater...

    Chicken Club Casseroles

    12 reviews

    This chicken club casserole freezer meal is a warm, welcoming casserole that tastes as fresh and creamy after it's frozen...

    Pesto Chicken Mostaccioli

    6 reviews

    I was looking for something new to whip up and decided to invent my own recipe. We love pesto and...