Brownie Mix Recipes

Whether you want to make your own brownie mix or find creative ways to use your favorite store-bought version, we’ve got the tips, tricks and recipes you need.

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    Berry Brownie Pizza

    1 review

    How could you not love pizza for dessert? A fudgy brownie base is layered with a whipped topping sauce, then topped with fresh strawberries, chopped nuts and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. —Karen Heleski, Ubly, Michigan —Karen Heleski, Ubly, Michigan

    Ghosts in the Graveyard Cake

    This spooky cake is easy to make and fun to decorate. To save time, bake and freeze the brownies weeks...

    Hugs ‘N’ Kisses Brownie

    1 review

    "When I needed a dessert in a hurry, I dressed up a brownie mix with on-hand ingredients to come up...

    Great Pumpkin Brownie

    2 reviews

    Our kids beg for these big brownies every year. I just bake brownie batter in a pizza pan, spread with...

    Easy Mexican Brownies

    4 reviews

    I was hosting a fun Mexican-themed cocktail party and needed a quick dessert. Dressing up an ordinary boxed brownie mix...

    Rocky Road Fudge Brownies

    These rich gooey brownies are one of our favorites. They would make a delicious addition to any cookie tray.—Nanette Swinson,...

    Makeover Rocky Road Fudge Brownies

    This makeover recipe still remain sweetly satisfying, but have about 40% fewer calories and less than half the fat and...

    Triple-Chocolate Brownie Squares

    My husband and I have five young children—all chocolate lovers—so these brownies never seem to last long around our house....

    Moist Walnut Brownies

    1 review

    "My family loves these moist brownies," Teresa writes. The recipe makes a big pan, so you have lots of treats...

    Brownie Mix Snack Cake

    3 reviews

    Theresa uses a few cups of her homemade mix to create a snack that's ideal for those who prefer their...

    Dipped Brownie Pops

    1 review

    I had to have a quick fundraiser at school for a student organization, so I made these brownie pops. The...

    Pecan Chocolate Chip Brownies

    "We call these 'magic bars' because they're fast and easy to make, and they disappear quickly when finished-just like magic!"...

    Cream Cheese Black Forest Brownies

    A brownie mix and canned pie filling help me fix these layered bars fast. Everyone loves the combination of chocolate...

    Brownie Turtles

    Take it from won't have to coax kids out of their shells to help assemble adorable turtles made from...

    Fancy Fudge Brownies

    1 review

    "I'm a true chocolate lover," admits Karen Wisner of Grafton, North Dakota. "To dress up brownies from a boxed mix,...

    Frosted Cream Cheese Brownies

    1 review

    Carol Gillespie from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania notes, "You'll never want to try another brownie recipe after eating these delicious treats."

    Frosted Cake Brownies

    2 reviews

    Mary Fox from Forest City, Iowa dresses up a boxed mix to create these moist brownies with from-scratch taste. "This...

    Valentine Brownies

    2 reviews

    In Austin, Texas, Susan Ohlendorf found a fun way to show her loved ones how much she cares. She prepares...

    Spooktacular Brownies

    1 review

    Ghosts and goblins of all ages won’t be able to stop reaching for these mouthwatering treats. They’re ooey, gooey and...

    Mocha Brownies

    3 reviews

    "My husband doesn't drink coffee, but he loves the taste of these delightful brownies," says Suzanne Strocsher of Bothell, Washington.

    Peanut Butter Brownie Cups

    10 reviews

    —Karen Presbrey, Pascoag, Rhode Island

    Turtle Brownie Bites

    1 review

    A sweet friend of mine was having a party and loved chocolate, so I whipped these brownie bites up for...

    Mini Brownie Treats

    19 reviews

    I like to take these quick-and-easy treats to potlucks and family gatherings. They disappear quickly! —Pam Kokes, North Loup, Nebraska

    Berries ‘N’ Cream Brownies

    3 reviews

    "If you like chocolate-covered strawberries, you'll love this sweet treat," says New Holland, Pennsylvania's Anna Lapp. "It's an ideal ending...

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    Banana Cream Brownie Dessert

    6 reviews

    I always keep the ingredients for this extremely delicious dessert on hand because I make it quite often for potlucks...

    Triple-Tier Brownies

    12 reviews

    With a creamy frosting and crunchy topping, these rich three-layer brownie bars are a decadent treat. “They're a cinch to...

    Creamy Cashew Brownies

    2 reviews

    My sister-in-law dubbed me the "dessert queen" because of treats like this that I take to our family get-togethers. The...

    Almond Truffle Brownies

    2 reviews

    This wonderful recipe is one my mom just had to share with me after she baked them. These fudgy almond...

    Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

    1 review

    I used to make these brownie bites with a cherry in the center. Then I discovered that my granddaughter Lily...

    Triple-Layer Pretzel Brownies

    30 reviews

    Think of a brownie pie with a pretzel crust and peanut butter-chocolate topping. Now stop thinking about it and make...