24 Irish Baking Recipes Cozier Than the Corner Pub

Updated: Jan. 31, 2024

Irish baking recipes feel like wrapping yourself in a comfy wool sweater and settling in with a dram of whiskey. Get our favorite recipes for soda bread, scones, rhubarb crisps and more.

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Classic Irish Soda Bread

This traditional Irish soda bread can be made with an assortment of mix-ins such as dried fruit and nuts, but I like it with a handful of raisins. Don’t forget to top your slice with Irish butter! —Gloria Warczak, Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Also, follow along to discover these traditional Irish foods, one dish at a time, which you’ll fall in love with.

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Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Scones

Scones are one of my must-bake Irish baking recipes. My favorite way to make them is adding seasonal fruits like strawberries in late spring. If you are like me, you won’t be able to eat just one! —Agnes Ward, Stratford, Ontario
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Rhubarb Crumble

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how well my strawberry rhubarb crumble keeps—we usually eat it all in a day! You can skip the apples and strawberries in the recipe, which I do sometimes. But they do make this quick, easy dessert extra good. For a truly Irish finish, serve with custard! —Linda Enslen, Schuler, Alberta
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Chocolate Mincemeat Bars

What would the holidays be without mincemeat for dessert? This chocolate version of one of my favorite Irish baking recipes is a must during the Christmas season. —Darlene Berndt, South Bend, Indiana
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Two-Berry Pavlova

Here's a light and airy dessert that I first tried in Ireland. When I got home, I made this berry pavlova for my kids, who loved to build their own with their favorite fruits. The whipped cream makes for icing on the cake! —Norma Stevenson, Eagan, Minnesota
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Buttery 3-Ingredient Shortbread Cookies

With only a few ingredients, these butter shortbread cookies are so simple to prepare. Don’t forget: The secret to better shortbread is chilling the dough. —Pattie Prescott, Manchester, New Hampshire
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Apple Raisin Bread

I've been making this bread for many years. It smells so good in the oven and tastes even better. I make bread almost every Saturday, and it doesn't stay around long with our sons home from college in the summer. —Perlene Hoekema, Lynden, Washington
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Chocolate Guinness Cake

Of course, Guinness has a place in Irish baking! One bite and everyone will propose a toast to this silky-smooth chocolate Guinness cake. The cream cheese frosting reminds me of the foamy head on a perfectly poured pint. —Marjorie Hennig, Seymour, Indiana
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Irish Brown Bread

A staple in almost every Irish kitchen, this carb lover’s dream has a crumbly outer crust, dense center and a unique flavor that makes it a one-of-a-kind. Best of all, even novice bakers can whip up a loaf in a snap.

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Butterscotch Apple Cake

My family loves old-fashioned Irish baking recipes, especially this easy apple cake. I make it all fall long. —Beth Struble, Bryan, Ohio
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Grandma's Molasses Fruitcake

This dense, dark, moist fruitcake was my grandmother's recipe. The flavor just gets better and better as it sits in the fridge, so be sure to make it ahead! —Debbie Harmon, Lavina, Montana
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Homemade Irish Soda Bread

Some people consider bread to be the most important part of a meal…and this Irish bread satisfies such folks! This recipe is by far the best soda bread I’ve ever tried. With the addition of raisins, it is moist and delicious! —Evelyn Kenney, Trenton, New Jersey
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Rhubarb Scones

My grandfather grows rhubarb and gives us a generous supply. The tartness is similar to a cranberry—perfect for tossing into a scone. —Danielle Lee, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
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Bread Pudding with Nutmeg

I always make this bread pudding recipe for my dad on his birthday and on holidays. He says it tastes exactly like the bread pudding with nutmeg he enjoyed as a child. —Donna Powell, Montgomery City, Missouri
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Date Pecan Tea Bread

Packed with dates and pecans, this sweet bread is excellent on its own and even better topped with the chunky cream cheese spread. We enjoy it during the holiday season, but also for after-school and late-night snacks. —Carole Resnick, Cleveland, Ohio
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Easy Potato Rolls

After I discovered this recipe, it became a mainstay for me. I make the dough ahead of time when company is coming, and I try to keep some in the refrigerator to bake for our ranch hands. Leftover mashed potatoes are almost sure to go into these rolls. —Jeanette McKinney, Belleview, Missouri
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Cherry-Chip Oat Scones

My family loves scones and anything with oatmeal. I started with my basic scone recipe and added oat flour to increase the oat taste and texture, then included special ingredients you can find in every bite. Look for add-ins that harmonize with the mellow flavor of oats. —Amy Brnger, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Braided Onion-Potato Loaf

Ever wonder why a bread recipe includes mashed potatoes? The potato's starchy quality absorbs liquid during the kneading stage, and it holds onto that liquid during baking. The bread finishes with a crisp, brown exterior crust and a flavorful, moist interior that helps the bread keep longer. —Joan Ranzini, Waynesboro, Virginia
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Tiny Tim’s Plum Pudding

Steamed puddings are popular British and Irish baking recipes. Our family has made this pudding our own tradition, and it really is something to clap for. —Ruthanne Karel, Hudsonville, Michigan
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Banoffee Pie

If you’re looking for a dessert that’s tasty enough to make you Star Baker, look no further. This banoffee pie recipe is a classic Great British dessert that hails from a pub in the 1970s. It’s named for the flavor combination of bananas and toffee. —Risa Lichtman, Portland, Oregon

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Honey Gingerbread Trifle

My husband’s grandma made the most amazing honey gingerbread. It’s wonderful all on its own, but when you add it to a trifle, your guests are sure to ask for the recipe. Trifles like these are popular all over the UK and are one of my favorite Irish baking recipes. —Tami Kuehl, Loup City, Nebraska
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Favorite Irish Soda Bread

My best friend, Rita, shared this irresistible Irish soda bread recipe. It bakes up high, with a golden brown top and a combination of sweet and savory flavors. —Jan Alfano, Prescott, Arizona
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Rawhide's Whiskey Cake

For several years, our neighbor gave us a moist, whiskey-flavored cake. I’ve tweaked the recipe, and now my friends want this cake instead of platters of homemade cookies. Fair warning: This cake takes three days to make, but it is very easy to prepare. —Cindy Worth, Lapwai, Idaho