How to Freeze Cake (Even a Fancy, Frosted One!)

Make your favorite dessert ahead of time by brushing up on these freezer tips for your freshly baked cakes.

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Baking cakes is satisfying and sweet, however, after the party, you’re often left with more cake than you know what to do with. While I’m OK eating cake for breakfast, sometimes I want to keep that cake for a little longer. That’s where the freezer comes in. You can freeze cake! Freezing food is a great way to save what you’ve made for later or to prep for an occasion in advance. Here’s how to do it.

How to Freeze Unfrosted Cakes

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If you want to prepare a cake in advance (or just want one at the ready if the mood strikes), storing unfrosted cakes in the freezer is simple to do.

Make sure your cakes are completely cool before moving them to the freezer. You don’t want to trap in any excess moisture from steam when you wrap the cake up.

When you’re certain that your cake is cool, wrap it in plastic wrap (two layers doesn’t hurt!) or store in resealable plastic freezer bags. You can freeze a cake in its pan if you like. Just wrap the pan entirely in plastic wrap then aluminum foil.

Be sure to label your cakes. Knowing what kind of cake and when it was baked is going to be helpful later. After all, you want to make sure you’re reaching for chocolate cake when a cocoa craving hits.

You can keep unfrosted cakes in the freezer for two months. When you’re ready to eat, defrost in the fridge until thawed.

Editor’s tip: Partially frozen cakes are super easy to decorate since they are stiffer and produce fewer crumbs—so don’t wait for them to thaw completely if you want to frost them! Here’s how to frost a layer cake the easy way.

How to Freeze Frosted Cakes

Believe it or not, you can freeze frosted cakes, too, provided they’ve got a freezer-stable frosting. Meringue-based frostings aren’t suitable for freezing, but popular icings like American buttercream and cream cheese frosting freeze wonderfully.

To freeze a frosted cake, place the finished cake in the freezer for an hour to set the decoration. Once the frosting is frozen and firm, wrap the cake in two layers of plastic wrap followed by a layer of aluminum foil.

Defrost frosted cakes by letting them warm up on the counter or in the fridge overnight.

Test Kitchen tip: To maintain freshness, freeze frosted cakes as soon as possible. If you plan to freeze your wedding cake, consider asking a friend or family member to be in charge of freezing the top tier after the reception.

How to Freeze Slices of Cake

If you want to store a few leftover slices of cake, it’s easy to do. Wrap these slices up individually. You can wrap them up alone or on small plates. Layer with plastic wrap and seal tightly. Individual pieces should keep for about two months so you can enjoy your birthday cake again even after the streamers are gone and the presents unwrapped.

Just like a whole cake, defrost at room temp or in the fridge.

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