Your Guide to Freezing Zucchini

To stretch this classic summer vegetable beyond harvest season, we'll explain everything you need to know about freezing zucchini.

Summer brings an abundance of beautiful green zucchini. Honestly, it may be a little too much, because after making zoodles, salads and even zucchini brownies, our kitchens are still full of the stuff. So of course, we went looking for a solution to save our summer squashes, and found the answer in freezing zucchini!

Can You Freeze Zucchini?

Of course—but you have to be careful about it. Freezing zucchini the wrong way can turn it into a mushy, flavorless mess that refuses to break apart. Fortunately, we’ve got a couple of ways to preserve zucchini for all seasons.

How to Freeze Zucchini

Method #1: Shred and steam

This method is great for making zucchini fritters, zucchini bread or anything else that uses shredded zucchini.

To start, cut the ends off the zucchinis, then shred them using a box grater. Set a pot of water to boil, then pop the zucchini into a steamer basket and place it into the pot for 1-2 minutes or until the zucchini is translucent. Next, drain the water out until the zucchini is mostly dry.

Pack your steamed zucchini in measured amounts into freezer containers or in heavy-duty resealable bags, leaving 1/2 inch of space at the top. Then allow the zucchini to cool, seal the bags and toss ’em in the freezer. (Don’t forget to mark the date and use-by date.)

Method #2: Slice and blanch

To preserve zucchinis with more heft, you can slice them thinly or turn them into zoodles. Blanch the pieces by dunking for a minute in hot water, then drain and spread in a single layer on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Pop the sliced up zucchini into the freezer for an hour or two, then remove them and tuck carefully into freezer-safe bags.

This method ensures your zucchini pieces don’t stick to each other. It also lets you make fresh-tasting zucchini dishes anytime (like a tasty zucchini casserole).

How Long Does Frozen Zucchini Last?

Unfortunately, even frozen zucchini doesn’t last forever. It’s best used within three months of being frozen. It can easily be added to soups, casseroles and pasta sauces—stir-fries and salads can be a bit trickier. Check out our list of oven-friendly zucchini recipes for ideas.

Go ahead and start freezing zucchini for a taste of summer anytime! And learn how to preserve other favorites with our ultimate guide to freezing food.

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