There’s a New M&M’s Wrapper—and It’s in Support of Women

Updated: Jan. 23, 2023

M&M's newest wrapper is all about female empowerment.

New year, new candy wrapper—M&M’s are starting off 2023 with yet another aesthetic change. After giving the spokescandies new shoes and debuting a Purple M&M’s character, the candy company is using its latest package design to promote and support women.

What Does M&M’s New Packaging Look Like?

M&M’s new packaging looks pretty similar to the standard wrapper, but instead of any male characters, it features Green, Brown and Purple, the first new character in a decade. The characters are printed upside-down to “celebrate women everywhere who are flipping the status quo.” More importantly, though, Mars is putting its money where its mouth is and is donating one dollar for every pack sold to organizations including She Is The Music and We Are Moving The Needle, nonprofits that support women in music. The Purple M&M is a singer with a quirky and confident personality with lace-up boots, so the donations reflect the newest character. You can also find Purple on the packaging for the upcoming Caramel Cold Brew flavor.

As with other design changes, M&M’s new wrapper has made quite a few people upset. In January 2022, for example, the characters got new shoes: Green traded in her go-go boots for sneakers and Brown debuted a lower, more sensible heel. At the end of the day, though, the candy has been around for 80-plus years, and these character and packaging redesigns are just more interesting facts about M&M’s.

Where Can I Get It?

M&M’s new packaging is already in stores and comes in three varieties: original, peanut butter and peanut. However, this design is only around for a limited time, so grab a pack of candy before it’s gone. Don’t forget it’s what’s on the inside that counts: delicious chocolate candy.

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