There’s a Brand-New Purple M&M Character in the M&M’s Lineup

M&M's revealed a purple spokescandy—and the new girl seems to fit right in.

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M&M’s has been one of the best-known chocolates around since 1941. This candy began as something the U.S. Army could take with them without the fear of melting, and that’s not even the most interesting fact about M&M’s.

This colorful, sugar-coated chocolate candy is a cultural icon. The M&M’s family of “spokescandies” has grown and changed throughout the years, and now Red, Yellow and the others have been joined by a new addition.

The brand-new candy character is… Purple!

What We Can Expect from the Purple M&M

You already know the six regular M&M characters: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green and Brown. They’ve been on packages, commercials and advertisements for years. But the people wanted something more. Back in 2002, M&M’s asked their fan base to vote for a new color, and purple won. Unfortunately, the color seemed to disappear not long after.

Now it seems we’re finally getting what we wanted 20 years. M&M’s has officially introduced the Purple M&M into its spokescandy lineup. She’s the first female Peanut M&M character, encourages everyone to embrace who they are, promotes inclusivity and even comes with her own song, “I’m Just Gonna Be Me.” Let’s not forget her sick lace-up boots!

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I wonder if the Purple M&M will be a big fan of the Espresso M&M’s that are coming out this year?

When Can I Get It?

While the Purple M&M character has made her debut, you won’t find purple candy in any M&M’s packs. She’s strictly a spokescandy at this time, but we hope to see her in official packs in the future. You can, however, get packs of only purple M&M’s on Amazon and purple Peanut M&M’s on the official M&M’s website.

Until then, we’ll dig into some Mad Scientist M&M’s packs for Halloween and go crazy with these loaded M&M’s pretzel cookies. They’re super sweet…just like Purple!

Every Way to Make an M&M's Cookie
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