IHOP Created an Epic Version of McGriddles, and We Need It ASAP

Updated: Aug. 14, 2018

IHOP just unveiled a whole menu of new breakfast creations, and one of them looks like a McGriddle on steroids.

ihop pancake slidersFoodbeast

The new IHOP Pancake Sliders are crammed with everything we want in an American breakfast: bacon, turkey sausage, maple glaze, American cheese, and an omelette (made with a bit of pancake batter per IHOP standards) crammed between two silver dollar pancakes. They are reminiscent of the McDonald’s breakfast staple, but take it to a whole other level with a massive omelette, and additional layer of meat.

You get two IHOP Pancake Sliders per order for $7.79, a price that’s not too shabby for what you’re getting.

The diner has a few other notable items on its new IHOP Creations menu, one of the most hypeworthy being the Ultimate Waffle Stack. With cheddar-infused waffles as the “bread” this meaty breakfast sandwich comes with a whopping six strips of bacon, two eggs, white Cheddar cheese, and maple glaze. This sandwich promises plenty of ooze, and will definitely look dope dripping out of folks’ Instagram feeds.

The waffle stack comes in two parts, and sells for $8.29 in total. They, and the pancake sliders will be around for a while as part of IHOP’s Spring 2018 menu.

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