Costco Is Selling GIANT Ready-to-Drink Strawberry Margaritas Right Now

Oh—and they're less than $10 a bottle!

Costco is back at it again with their delicious, giant margaritas to make our summers perfect. You may have heard about the massive premade Kirkland margaritas, but are you ready for more? The next addition to their boozy beverage line is the Kirkland Strawberry Margarita.

I can’t wait to pour myself a glass and relax in the summer breeze!

What’s in the Strawberry Margarita?

This Strawberry Margarita is similar to Costco’s ready-to-drink Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail. Both beverages contain agave wine as opposed to the expected tequila, hence the “wine cocktail” label. Don’t let that deter you, though! These drinks are still satisfying and will definitely quench your margarita thirst.

The Strawberry Margarita is also made with real lime juice and 100% cane sugar, as well as strawberry, of course. Each bottle is 1.5 liters and has an ABV of 12.7%, like its Kirkland margarita counterparts. That’s about two bottles’ worth of wine, but hey! I don’t mind. Strawberry has always been one of my favorite flavors, especially for summer. The tart sweetness is exactly what I strive to sip on while out in my backyard gardening or trying to decorate my deck just right.

Lucky for us, Costco is still selling the classic Kirkland margarita that I mentioned above. It’s premade with lime, orange, cane sugar, gold tequila and triple sec. Doesn’t matter what you pick up—it’s easy to drink over ice!

Where Can I Grab a Bottle?

Costco has them for less than $10 a bottle which is beyond amazing. Just a reminder that Costco is still observing social distancing and asking customers to wear face coverings. Be safe if you choose to venture out to your local warehouse. Then, take your new favorite Costco margarita home, kick back and relax in that summer sunshine!

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