Pinto Bean Recipes

Pinto beans, traditional in Mexican food, are smoky and delicious. These recipes with pinto beans include soups, stews and dips.

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    Drive-Thru Chili

    3 reviews

    I don't eat a lot of fast food but when I do I try to pick things that are fairly healthy. I found that Wendy's chili is actually one of the healthiest items on their menu. So when I needed to bring chili to a potluck, I tried to recreate Wendy's recipe and I think it got it pretty close. —Margo Zoerner, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

    Slow-Cooker Pinto Beans

    2 reviews

    I love pinto beans, but I always feel the flavor can easily turn too bland. I added a little this...

    Instant Pot Chili con Carne

    2 reviews

    Although multicookers can’t replace every tool in the kitchen, they sure are coming close. Chili con carne is one of...

    Beef Taco Chili

    This is one of my husband's absolute favorite dishes. It was voted best chili at our county's autumn harvest festival....

    Pinto Bean Pie

    Gammy (as my mom, Barbara Galloway, is known around here) loves to cook and be creative. It's a trait that...

    Weeknight Taco Soup

    12 reviews

    This soup turned out delicious on the first try, when I was working without a recipe. You could also add...

    Beef ‘n’ Bean Torta

    12 reviews

    This zesty dish is a favorite of mine because it has a wonderful Southwestern taste and is easy to prepare....

    Guilt-Free Chicken Chili

    4 reviews

    This chili is a keeper. Make it on Sunday and you get lunch for the rest of the week, too....

    Zippy Vegetarian Chili

    3 reviews

    Hominy and garbanzo beans are interesting additions to this zippy chili recipe that uses canned goods from the cupboard. I...

    Pinto Bean Casserole

    13 reviews

    —Sherry Lee, Shelby, Alabama

    Six-Bean Chili

    1 review

    When it's cold and frosty outside, this meatless chili is sure to warm you up. It's packed with fiber, protein...

    Hot Dogs with Chili Beans

    1 review

    This was a recipe my mom used often when I was growing up. These hot dogs were a favorite summertime...

    Cornbread Layered Salad

    7 reviews

    My mother's cornbread salad is so complete, it can be a meal in itself. The recipe has been in our...

    Tangy Bean Soup

    2 reviews

    This soup has a great southwestern flavor and is a real winner with my family. I love it because I...

    Pork, Bean & Rice Burritos

    3 reviews

    The combination of spices is key to this slow-cooked pork—it's my family's favorite burrito filling. The aroma that fills the...

    Flavorful Taco Soup

    5 reviews

    You’ll get a kick out of this hearty, Southwest-inspired soup from Sandi Lee of Houston, Texas. Feel free to dunk...

    Texas Chili con Carne

    4 reviews

    I love to cook, but meals at my house have to be ready in a hurry because we're always on...

    Southwestern Three-Meat Chili

    5 reviews

    When Mom came to live with me several years ago, I told her it was now my turn to cook....

    Potluck Baked Beans

    26 reviews

    This recipe has remained a long-time favorite for picnics and family get-togethers. For those not watching their fat intake, add...

    Zesty Italian Soup

    11 reviews

    While visiting my sister-in-law, we had a delicious Italian soup at a local restaurant. We decided to duplicate it at...

    Flavorful Southwestern Chili

    3 reviews

    “This filling, hearty recipe comes from my grandmother,” writes Jenny Greear from Huntington, West Virginia. “It’s full of flavor, freezes...

    Chicken & Bean Chili

    10 reviews

    Chili Time is any time you want to make a hungry crowd happy. This creamy chili is a must at...

    Zippy Three-Bean Chili

    3 reviews

    I use convenient canned pinto, black and great northern beans to speed preparation of my hearty three-bean chili. The one-dish...

    Collard Greens & Beans

    3 reviews

    I didn't eat southern-style collards until a friend gave me a recipe for greens with bacon and pinto beans. Now...

    Taco Bean Soup

    4 reviews

    This hearty three-bean soup is very easy to fix. You can add a can of green chiles if you like...

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    Pinto Beans with Kielbasa

    4 reviews

    Sauced-up sausage, tomatoes, green pepper and onion accompany two kinds of beams in this warm main dish from Gloria Slater...

    Texas-Style Skillet

    6 reviews

    I grew up in Phoenix, and my husband is from Texas. When we lived in New York, we really missed...

    Mexican Pork & Pinto Beans

    3 reviews

    We've lived in Arizona for decades, so Mexican-style cooking has become the same as "Arizona-style cooking" for us. Nothing tastes...

    Cantina Pinto Beans

    3 reviews

    Cumin, cilantro and red pepper flakes lend southwestern flair to tender pinto beans in this dish, which was inspired by...

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    Texas Taco Dip Platter

    17 reviews

    When I'm entertaining, this colorful dish is my top menu choice. My friends can't resist the hearty appetizer topped with...

    Spicy Peanut Chicken Chili

    4 reviews

    While spending time in the Southwest, I discovered Mexican peanut chicken and thought it would be fun to make it...