Pinto Bean Recipes

Pinto beans, traditional in Mexican food, are smoky and delicious. These recipes with pinto beans include soups, stews and dips.

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      Instant Pot Chili con Carne

      1 review

      Although multicookers can’t replace every tool in the kitchen, they sure are coming close. Chili con carne is one of our favorite dishes to re-create in them. This cooks up fast but tastes like it simmered all day! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Beef Taco Chili

      This is one of my husband's absolute favorite dishes. It was also voted Best Chili in our county's autumn Harvest...

      Spiced Butternut Squash Chili

      1 review

      I love how a hint of heat with a touch of sweetness from the Gustus Vitae spicy chocolate cinnamon cane...

      Emily’s Bean Soup

      7 reviews

      This is a wonderful fall or winter meal, served with thick slices of warm homemade bread. The recipe evolved over...

      Speedy Bean Soup

      1 review

      This soup will be put together quick and will be on the table in no time.—Kathleen Drott, Pineville, Louisiana

      Pinto Bean Zucchini Boats

      1 review

      Zucchini shells take center stage when filled with vegetables, beans and sauce.

      Super-Duper Chili

      15 reviews

      No one ever guesses the "secret ingredient" in this recipe that I created. A can of mushroom soup is what...

      Bean Tossed Salad

      1 review

      I assemble this salad ahead of time and add the corn chips and salad dressing just before serving. You can...

      Ham and Bean Chili

      1 review

      Leftover ham gets an unusual treatment from Carol Forcum of Marion, Illinois in this creative chili blend that features three...

      Confetti Bean Soup Mix

      With its colorful variety of beans and delicious flavor, this soup is tempting. I like to give it to friends...

      Barbecue Bean Salad

      1 review

      I love to cook and try new recipes. I've been collecting cookbooks for years and have picked up some very...

      Saucy Ranch Beans

      With two men in the house, I need to put together stick-to-your ribs meals. My husband and son are never...

      Pinto Bean Casserole

      11 reviews

      —Sherry Lee, Shelby, Alabama

      Hearty Bean Soup with Ham

      4 reviews

      This hearty soup is a real crowd-pleaser served with fresh corn bread. No one can believe how quick and easy...

      Colorful Three-Bean Soup

      1 review

      When I was growing up, my mother prepared many different soups, each seasoned just right. She often made this colorful...

      Zippy Vegetarian Chili

      3 reviews

      Hominy and garbanzo beans are interesting additions to this zippy chili recipe that uses canned goods from the cupboard. I...

      Tangy Beef Chili

      1 review

      Not only is this delicious chili quick to make, the blue cheese wedge adds a creamy, tangy accent. —Luann Maner,...

      Three-Bean Chili with Polenta Crust

      6 reviews

      Easy to assemble, this zesty one-dish meal is ideal for a busy weeknight or to serve last-minute guests. Dial down...

      Tasty Taco Soup

      51 reviews

      When I serve this soup at parties, everyone asks for the recipe. It makes a lot, so if I'm not...

      Zesty Cheese Soup

      2 reviews

      "My husband and I are retired, but I still look for shortcut recipes like this one I received from a...

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      Zippy Pork Chili Verde

      1 review

      Leftover pork adds heartiness to this zippy chili from Jo Oliverius of Alpine, California. "It's great on a cool night...

      Sour Cream Beef ‘N’ Beans

      3 reviews

      "I adjusted this favorite casserole for microwave use in the interest of speed and to save heating up the oven—we...

      Unfried Refried Beans

      5 reviews

      "Refried beans were a staple in our home when I was growing up, but the dish my dad made called...

      Tangy Bean Soup

      1 review

      This soup has a great southwestern flavor and is a real winner with my family. I love it because I...

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      Pinto Bean Turnovers

      Try these satisfying snacks from Sue Seymour Valatie, New York. She pats cheese into the dough, then tucks in store-bought...

      Pinto Bean Chicken Soup

      1 review

      Mexican Velveeta and green chilies add a kick to this satisfying soup sent in by Sybil Brown of Highland, California....

      Spicy Pinto Bean Chili

      3 reviews

      This spicy, meatless chili is a wonderful dish to have during the winter months. I like to serve this with...

      Potluck Red Beans and Rice

      5 reviews

      This recipe originated from my sister-in-law, but I changed it around a bit to suit the tastes of my family....

      Mary’s Bean Tarts

      This tart's main ingredient, beans, are not necessarily thought of as a dessert but these tarts are so sweet that...

      Sausage Red Beans ‘n’ Rice

      This easy-to-make recipe has been a staple in my recipe file for about 10 years. My husband and I both...