Cake Roll Recipes

Elegant yet surprisingly easy to make, a cake roll makes an impressive dessert. Try these cake roll recipes in flavors like pumpkin, cherry, lemon, chocolate and more.

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    Our Best Cake Roll Recipes

    Make a show-stopping dessert that’s as fun to slice as it is to eat with our best cake roll recipes! Try the iconic cake in flavors ranging from decadent chocolate to refreshing citrus.

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    We’re Head over Heels for This Pumpkin Cake Roll

    Make any fall celebration feel extra special with this pumpkin roll recipe. Watch us make it here.

    Rainbow Sherbet Cake Roll

    1 review

    This light and easy cake roll can be prepared year-round, but it's especially nice in the heat of summer. I...

    Gingerbread Yule Log

    3 reviews

    Nicely seasoned gingerbread holds a sweet creamy filling. This dessert is surprisingly light, so it's easy to indulge in a...

    Peaches & Cream Jelly Roll

    2 reviews

    Cake rolls make a lovely presentation for a party, and they are simple to cut into even slices. My father...

    Tangerine Cream Roulade

    Now you can make those heavenly cake rolls seen in Chinese bakeries at home! Our refreshing recipe features bright citrus...

    Lamington Roulade

    1 review

    I am a teacher born in Australia who came to the United States seven years ago via a teacher exchange...

    Chocolate Zucchini Roll

    9 reviews

    "I created this moist cake roll to use my garden zucchini," says Victoria Zmarzley-Hahn from Northampton, Pennsylvania.

    Lincoln Log Cake

    To celebrate Presidents' Day, try this treat from Mary Thomas of Hartford, Wisconsin. "My mother always made this cake roll...

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    Lemon Angel Cake Roll

    7 reviews

    "Every time I make this sunny cake roll, people comment on its fresh flavor and festive look," observes Diana Hardwick...

    Angel Food Cake Roll

    24 reviews

    There's always room for dessert—especially when it's this eye-catching angel food cake roll. We like strawberry yogurt in the filling,...

    Persimmon Nut Roll

    3 reviews

    For holiday gift-giving, I make a dozen or so of these rolls to share with friends and neighbors. They slice...

    Mocha Yule Log

    14 reviews

    This eye-catching dessert is guaranteed to delight holiday dinner guests. Chocolate lovers will lick their lips over the yummy cocoa...

    Double-Chocolate Cream Roll

    4 reviews

    Guests will never guess that this pretty refrigerated cake roll—with its creamy filling and drizzles of caramel and fudge—is low...

    Diploma Cake

    GRADUATION GUESTS are bound to enjoy this sweet "certificate" a high degree! The yummy cake features a layer of creamy...

    Chocolate Cake Roll

    4 reviews

    This delectable dessert features sweet whipped cream and moist chocolate cake rolled up and dusted with powdered sugar. A family...

    Chocolate Cake Roll with Praline Filling

    6 reviews

    This show-stopping cake roll was one of the first “complicated” recipes I ever attempted to prepare. I discovered it was...

    Mocha Nut Roll

    I’ve enjoyed this dessert several times at a friend’s house, and it never ceases to be delightful. The tender, impressive...

    Cherry-Walnut Cake Roll

    Fit for a festive occasion, this fruity old-world cake roll is simply luscious.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Pear Gingerbread Cake Roll

    3 reviews

    Crave the taste of gingerbread at Christmastime? Why stop at making cutout cookies? Enjoy this elegant swirled dessert. It dresses...

    Pecan Cake Roll

    4 reviews

    Meet the Cook: Like my husband, I'm a retired teacher. This dessert is one that always went over big as...

    Fruity Coconut Cake Roll

    4 reviews

    Kiwi and coconut add tropical flair to this moist, fruity and simply delicious dessert from Nancy Granaman of Burlington, Iowa....

    Caramel Banana Cake Roll

    7 reviews

    Our Test Kitchen came up with this sunny cake roll that's bursting with fresh banana goodness. The light creamy caramel...

    Butternut Squash Cake Roll

    13 reviews

    Elizabeth Nelson of Manning, North Dakota is sweet on squash! Her pretty dessert is perfect for an autumn special occasion.

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    Pistachio-Chocolate Chiffon Roll

    This cake roll keeps well in the freezer; just thaw and glaze before serving. I sometimes add crushed peppermint candies...

    Raspberry Cake Roll

    2 reviews

    This is a really tasty dessert, and it doesn't have as many calories as some other sweets. It's also a...

    Berry Pinwheel Cake

    4 reviews

    Perfect for special meals, this lovely chiffon cake is a nice change from strawberry pie or shortcake. Don't be afraid...

    Strawberry Cream Cake Roll

    8 reviews

    There are plenty of strawberry patches near my hometown, and soon they'll be brimming with red berries. I discovered this...

    Strawberry Jelly Roll

    This pretty jelly roll makes a wonderful dessert for summer or any time of year. It gets a head start...

    Walnut Pumpkin Cake Roll

    4 reviews

    This is one of my family's favorite dessert recipes, especially for holiday gatherings. —Mary Gecha, Center Rutland, Vermont