This Genius Hack Shows You How to Tie a Bread Bag—Without a Twist Tie

You don't need that pesky twist tie!

The most popular food that basically everyone has at home is bread. (It’s been a kitchen staple since the 1900s!) You can use it for so many basics like toast, sandwiches or even bread pudding. In 2020, a lot of us even gave baking our own bread a shot for the first time!

Of course, we don’t always have time to whip up our own bread, though. So here’s a way to keep that store-bought loaf fresh. It’s time to get rid of that twist tie and follow me into the wonderful land of TikTok hacks.

What’s the Twist?

The TikTok user @goldilocks.bears.x knows exactly how to satisfy our craving for kitchen hacks. So what exactly are we doing wrong, and what should we be doing instead?

Most of us probably secure the bag with a twist tie. Well, there’s no need for that! According to this amazing little TikTok video, all you need to do is twist the end of your bread bag as normal, but instead of securing the bag at the base of the twist, you’ll open the end back up and shimmy it back over the rest of the unused bread.

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I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this all my life!

But Wait…There’s More

The wonderful thing about this hack is that you no longer need to worry about where you put that darn little piece of plastic! The rest of the video also gives tips on how to easily store your box of cereal as well as a pesky bag of chips. You love to see it, folks!

If you’re looking for more handy TikTok hacks, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to make the best mashed potatoes, how to properly store your eggs and how to use garbage bags the right way.

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