You Can Get Free McDonald’s All Through July 2022—Here’s How

This summer, we're going to Camp McDonald's.

If you miss the halcyon days at summer camp, have an obsession with fast food merch, want to save a few dollars at the drive-thru or really love everything about McDonald’s, we’ve got some great news for you. Mickey D’s released a new promotion that combines all four of those extremely valid feelings!

Through the rest of July, anyone who orders a specific item (like a McFlurry) or spends at least $1 in the McDonald’s app can get food deals, free items and exclusive access to McDonald’s merch and virtual concerts.

What Are the McDonald’s Giveaways?

Most of  the Camp McDonald’s freebies are food deals, but “campers” can also get exclusive access to new McDonald’s merch and weekly “In the Booth” concerts. McDonald’s lovers can expect deals like BOGO fries, a free 6-piece McNuggets with any purchase and a free dessert with the purchase of a McFlurry. Check out the complete list of prizes:

Week 1: July 5-10

  • Tue. 7/5 Merch Drop: Grimace Float
  • Wed. 7/6 Apple Pie McFlurry Menu Hack: free Apple Pie with McFlurry purchase
  • Thu. 7/7 Merch Drop: Free & Easy Camp Merch
  • Fri. 7/8 Deal: Buy 1 Combo meal, get 1 free Happy Meal
  • Sat. 7/9 Deal: $2 Big Mac
  • Sun. 7/10 In the Booth: blackbear

Week 2: July 11-17

  • Mon. 7/11 Deal: Free Iced Coffee with $1 minimum purchase
  • Tue. 7/12 Deal: Free 6-piece McNuggets with $1 minimum purchase
  • Wed. 7/13 Deal: Free McFlurry with $1 minimum purchase
  • Thu. 7/14 Merch Drop: innisfree Summer Skincare Starter Kit
  • Fri. 7/15 Deal: Free Double Cheeseburger with $1 minimum purchase
  • Sat. 7/16 Deal: 2 for $5 Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Sun. 7/17 In the Booth: Omar Apollo

Week 3: July 18-24

  • Mon. 7/18 Deal: Free Iced Coffee with $1 minimum purchase
  • Tue. 7/19 Deal: BOGO medium Fries
  • Wed. 7/20 McFlurry Sandwich Menu Hack: free cookies with McFlurry purchase
  • Thu. 7/21 Merch Drop: MARKET Camp Merch
  • Fri. 7/22 Deal: Buy 1 Combo meal, get 1 free Happy Meal
  • Sat. 7/23 Deal: BOGO for $1 Crispy Chicken Sandwich
  • Sun. 7/24 In the Booth: BIBI

Week 4: July 25-31

  • Mon. 7/25 Deal: Free Iced Coffee with $1 minimum purchase
  • Tue. 7/26 Deal: $5 for 20 pc. McNuggets
  • Wed. 7/27 Deal: BOGO McFlurry
  • Thu. 7/28 Merch Drop: Kid Cudi Camp Merch
  • Fri. 7/29 Deal: Free McChicken with $1 minimum purchase
  • Sat. 7/30 Deal: $2 Big Mac
  • Sun. 7/31 In the Booth: Kid Cudi

All purchases must be made through the McDonald’s app via Mobile Order & Pay. Be sure to add the free or discounted food item to your order before checking out. Did you know if the McFloat is not on the menu, there’s a hack that allows you to still order it?

If you’re interested in free McDonald’s for life, a McDonald’s gold card is worth looking into. The card is part of McDonald’s December promotions, which also includes a BOGO Big Mac deal.

Ever wanted to master McNuggets, the McRib or the Filet-O-Fish at home? Check out our collection of copycat McDonald’s recipes.

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