Green Beans Recipes

Made with canned or fresh varieties, these recipes with green beans impress either way. Try the veggie steamed, sauteed or roasted in standout side dishes, salads, soups and more.

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      Sheet-Pan Pork Supper

      I created this pork tenderloin sheet-pan dinner to suit our family's needs. It's so quick and easy to clean up since you use one pan for everything! Use any variety of small potatoes—fingerlings or other colored potatoes are a fun and delicious option. —Debbie Johnson, Centertown, Missouri

      Quick Green Beans with Bacon

      Green beans with bacon and onions make such an easy side dish. Fresh beans lend a crisp, bright flavor to...

      Syrian Green Beans with Fresh Herbs

      This is how my mom always made green beans. She got the recipe from a neighbor when we lived in...

      Green Beans with Pomegranate Seeds

      These green beans with pomegranate seeds are one of the simplest dishes to make. I made them for Rosh Hashanah...

      Greek Chicken with Green Beans

      7 reviews

      My Greek grandmother made the most delicious Greek chicken and green beans with a lemon-tomato flavor. Whenever I make this...

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      Sheet-Pan Honey Mustard Chicken

      12 reviews

      This sheet-pan chicken is an easy gluten-free, low-carb meal ideal for busy weekdays. The chicken is tender, juicy and so...

      Air-Fryer Roasted Green Beans

      1 review

      Our family loves roasted green beans, but they can take a long time in the oven. I tried these air-fryer...

      Vegan Green Bean Casserole

      Now everyone can enjoy this classic Thanksgiving side. Just a few small tweaks make this a vegan green bean casserole,...

      Asian-Style Green Beans

      4 reviews

      These Asian-style green beans are a tasty addition to any meal. The flavors of sesame oil and soy sauce work...

      Ginger-Peanut Green Bean Salad

      This green bean recipe showcases crisp, fresh-from-the-garden produce with a zesty peanut vinaigrette. Red chilis and chopped nuts add interesting...

      Jalapeno Green Beans

      This simple green bean dish gets a bit of a kick from jalapeno pepper. If you don't like things too...

      Green Bean and Cauliflower Casserole

      2 reviews

      I like to make a savory homemade cream sauce for the timeless green bean casserole. This time I added another...

      Oregano Green Beans with Toasted Pine Nuts

      1 review

      This super easy side dish is a wonderful picnic or potluck recipe. It’s a beautiful, surprising mix that leaves guests...

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      This Green Bean Casserole Recipe Will MAKE Your Thanksgiving

      There's a reason this old-school veggie side dish is still a staple on holiday tables everywhere. YUM!

      25 Recipes That Start with a Bag of Frozen Green Beans

      Put that bag of frozen green beans to work!

      9 Green Bean Casserole Recipes for Thanksgiving

      As traditional Thanksgiving side dishes go, you can't beat a good green bean casserole!

      Roasted Red Pepper Green Beans

      2 reviews

      This recipe showcases a creamy sauce with shallot-and-chive cheese. The toasted pine nuts add crunch. Just a few ingredients—so easy!...

      Green Beans with Smoked Turkey Bacon

      I really like cooking with curry, and this is a wonderful slow cooker favorite of mine. Made with fresh green...

      Ginger Green Beans

      1 review

      The bright gingery sauce on these green beans is delicious and so simple to whip up. It's perfection on either...

      Company Green Beans

      Top off these green beans with onion rings or toasted bread crumbs for an even fancier side dish.—Rhonda Hogan, Eugene,...

      Tangy French Beans

      This side dish will round out your speedy supper wonderfully. A sweet-and-sour bacon sauce gives fantastic flavor to frozen French-style...

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      Shepherd’s Bean Pie

      2 reviews

      This comforting casserole is a variation on the traditional English pie. It is chock-full of fresh green and wax beans,...

      Chicken Veggie Casserole

      4 reviews

      This special casserole is a hot, satisfying complete meal in one dish.—Martha Balser, Cincinnati, Ohio

      Green Bean Potato Bake

      4 reviews

      As a pastor's wife, I often cook up contributions to church dinners using on-hand ingredients. This creamy bake was such...

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      Creamed Green Beans

      2 reviews

      A family favorite for years, this special green bean recipe is a cinch to double and can be assembled ahead...

      Marinated Vegetable Bean Salad

      2 reviews

      Canned beans make this colorful salad hearty...and bottled Italian dressing is an easy and tasty topper.

      Fresh Green Beans with Mushrooms

      1 review

      I made this satisfying side dish often when I was single. Now I prepare it for my family. By adding...

      Snappy Green Beans

      2 reviews

      The buttery and citrus flavors in this brightly colored side dish go with just about any entree. I enjoy it...

      Creamy Green Bean Salad

      1 review

      IN our early years of marriage, my husband asked me to make bean salad "like his mother's". I've tried many...

      Summer Vegetable Soup

      16 reviews

      This vegetable soup is loaded with garden goodness, from zucchini and green beans to celery and potato, but it's the...