Spaghetti Noodles Recipes

No weekly meal plan is complete without a spaghetti night! Look forward to gathering around the table with classic spaghetti recipes—or easy spaghetti recipes, in a pinch.

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Creamy Garden Spaghetti

3 reviews

I spent 14 years preparing meals in restaurants, but now I just cook to entertain family and friends. I've always liked the versatility of pasta. This cheesy vegetable noodle dish is one of my grandmother's favorites, so I make it often when we get together.
—Karrie Fimbres
Sparks, Nevada

Garden-Fresh Spaghetti

1 review

This thick pasta sauce with fresh-from-the-garden flavor is chock-full of peppers, mushrooms, carrots and onion. "It makes a big batch,...

Italian Spaghetti ‘n’ Meatballs

5 reviews

Meet the Cook: Always a favorite with my children, grandchildren and friends, these delectable meatballs take little time to prepare...

Spinach Pepperoni Spaghetti

2 reviews

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Joanne Laing Soyk uses fresh basil to flavor this medley of mushrooms, pepperoni, spinach and spaghetti. "It's...

Cheesy Sausage Spaghetti Pie

20 reviews

I have made freezer meals for years now, and this is by far my most requested. In fact, I like...

Quick Spaghetti Carbonara

1 review

This is a wonderful tomato-less spaghetti which still has tons of flavor. The bacon has such a savory flavor which...

Steak Strips with Spaghetti

"I've been serving this super skillet supper for many years," reports Iris Posey of Albany, Georgia. "The flavorful beef dish...

Scrumptious Spaghetti

This is the dish I start with when preparing the meal. This chunky sauce needs to simmer so I can...

Speedy Stovetop Spaghetti

5 reviews

Here’s a take on a favorite you’ll make over and over again. This dish tastes like it’s cooked all day,...

Spaghetti and Meatballs

1 review

When there's time to simmer, this hearty sauce and home-style meatballs make a memorable main course, Dawnetta McGhee of Lewiston,...

Pronto Prosciutto Pasta

1 review

"With lots of prosciutto and flavor from feta and seasonings, this impressive pasta is quick and easy," Jill Conley relates...

Garlic Chicken Spaghetti

2 reviews

Nothing is better then a bowl of homemade spaghetti. This recipe has delicious chicken, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes which add...

Easy Spaghetti with Meatballs

1 review

Oregano adds Italian-style flavor to this traditional dish from Joanne Rocchetti in New London, Connecticut.

Pasta Ham Hot Dish

5 reviews

"I brought this simple casserole to a potluck at work and it was a hit," writes Judie Porath of Summit,...

Pork Tetrazzini

"My mom always made this with leftover turkey or ham. You can also use chicken or tuna instead of pork,"...

Spicy Chicken Spaghetti

2 reviews

“I keep on the lookout for recipes that serve two,” explains LaDonna Reed. “We’re also watching our fat grams, so...

Creamy Chicken Spaghetti

1 review

This recipe is a great way to use up leftover cooked chicken. It is so easy to whip up on...

Italian Sausage With Spaghetti

3 reviews

"A restaurant owner in my hometown of St. Germain, Wisconsin gave me this recipe," says Sue Kessro. "I've made bigger...

Vegetarian Spaghetti

4 reviews

Who says spaghetti needs meat to be tasty? "I streamlined the original recipe for this deliciously different dish to reduce...

Creamy Parmesan Noodles

3 reviews

MY MOTHER served noodles with cottage cheese as a main dish on many a meatless Friday.
I altered the...

Creamy Spaghetti Casserole

3 reviews

"Cottage cheese is the secret to the sauce for this hearty main dish that my family calls 'Norwegian spaghetti'," says...

Meatless Spaghetti Pie

4 reviews

Pasta shows its versatility as a "pie crust" in Carol Beyerl's family-pleasing main dish. "This is a combination of several...

Chicken Spaghetti with Bacon

My family prefers this creamy chicken spaghetti to the more traditional tomato-based variety. The smoky flavor of bacon adds interest.—Dave...

Confetti Spaghetti Pie

Getting everyone to the dinner table is never a problem when I bake up this great pie. It's filling, plus...

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Lemon Chicken Spaghetti

5 reviews

—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greendale, Wisconsin

Mandarin Pasta Salad

I developed this recipe when I was asked to bring a salad to a birthday party for my husband's grandfather....

Ham Spaghetti Skillet

2 reviews

From San Antonio, Texas, Edna Shaver shares this satisfying skillet of ham, chicken and spaghetti that's tossed in a creamy...

Basil Parmesan Pasta Sauce

4 reviews

"As a busy home health nurse, I'm committed to preparing meals that are quick and nutritious," shares Susan Houser of...

Sausage Bean Noodle Soup

4 reviews

Cozy up to this rich and rustic soup to take the chill off any evening. Multigrain pasta increases fiber, but...

Vegetable Spaghetti Bake

3 reviews

"This fresh-tasting main dish is loaded with vegetables, cheese, noodles and spaghetti sauce," write Laurie Messer of Bonifay, Florida. "I...