Spaghetti Noodles Recipes

No weekly meal plan is complete without a spaghetti night! Look forward to gathering around the table with classic spaghetti recipes—or easy spaghetti recipes, in a pinch.

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Pasta with Tomatoes

2 reviews

Earlene Ertelt of Woodburn, Oregon found the recipe for Pasta with Tomatoes in the newspaper a few years ago and has used it frequently ever since. "My husband, Charles, and I are busy on our farm and with other activities, so quick and easy dishes like this one are very important to me," Earlene asserts.

Pronto Prosciutto Pasta

1 review

"With lots of prosciutto and flavor from feta and seasonings, this impressive pasta is quick and easy," Jill Conley relates...

Spicy Chicken Spaghetti

2 reviews

“I keep on the lookout for recipes that serve two,” explains LaDonna Reed. “We’re also watching our fat grams, so...

Flavorful Italian Soup

2 reviews

"I first tasted a soup similar to this at a restaurant. They wouldn't give me the recipe, so I went...

Italian Sausage With Spaghetti

3 reviews

"A restaurant owner in my hometown of St. Germain, Wisconsin gave me this recipe," says Sue Kessro. "I've made bigger...

Easy Spaghetti

4 reviews

Cynthia Wise of Mineral City, Ohio, writes, "My husband and I really like this hearty main dish. It's quick and...

Parmesan Basil Spaghetti

1 review

This light and lemony pasta side dish is from Greenfield, Wisconsin's Sarah Briggs.

Mama’s Spaghetti Pie

2 reviews

This savory pie for two has an uncomplicated pasta crust and a satisfying Italian filling. It freezes well before baking....

Spaghetti Carbonara for Two

When the temperature drops in Shawnee, Kansas, Melanie Hudson warms up with a comforting Italian classic. “As a zippy side...

Ground Turkey Spaghetti Pie

1 review

This pie is practically a meal in itself. I usually put a green salad and crusty French rolls on the...

Salsa Spaghetti

1 review

Everyone who tries this recipe is pleasantly surprised by the combination of flavors.

Spaghetti Fish Supper

"This colorful blend of fish, vegetables and pasta is so satisfying," relates Charolette Westfall of Houston, Texas. "I've also substituted...

Italian Beef with Spaghetti

2 reviews

Simple, savory and stir-fry fast, this easy entree from Dette Rainwater in Baker, Louisiana adds colorful summer zucchini, tomatoes and...

Spaghetti Chicken Bake

3 reviews

Leftover chicken and her grandmother’s treasured recipe add up to a delectable, down-home supper that heats up chilly nights in...

Thai Noodles

5 reviews

Peanut butter is one of Kelsie Wilson’s favorite foods. “I love it as a fresh-fruit dip, spread on pancakes, melted...

Spaghetti with Checca Sauce

3 reviews

This appealing, meatless main dish from Angela Strother of Gainesville, Florida is full of cheesy, tomato flavor. “If you want...

Meatballs with Spaghetti Sauce

7 reviews

“A friend gave me the recipe for this traditional favorite. It’s her Italian mother-in-law’s recipe from the old country, and...

Seafood Pasta

2 reviews

This light dish is always welcome on a warm spring night.

Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce

5 reviews

Travel to Italy with this hearty pasta that's a breeze to prepare. Our Test Kitchen jazzed up store-bought spaghetti sauce,...

Baked Ham Tetrazzini

6 reviews

Rich, creamy pasta and cubed ham blend perfectly in this hearty meal for two. It's a great way to use...

Chicken Spaghetti Salad

"I make this quick dish when I'm in a hurry and don't want a huge meal," notes Holly Siphavong, Eureka,...

Gluten-Free Skillet Pasta

This is always a good recipe to make when short on time. Lovely herb accents enhance this easy stovetop spaghetti....

One Skillet Spaghetti for Two

6 reviews

Are you a busy cook? Then, you're sure to love this convenient stovetop spaghetti recipe. —Joan Koehn, Leland, Mississippi

Spaghetti ‘n’ Meat Sauce

1 review

This recipe has been a mainstay in our family. I began making it 48 years ago. It is easily doubled...

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Easy Spaghetti and Meatballs

6 reviews

WHEN I was a teenager, I cooked dinner every night for our family of four...Mom, Dad, Grandmother, who lived next...

Skillet Pasta

5 reviews

“This is always a good recipe to make when short on time,” says Marv Salter, West Hills, California. Lovely herb...

Pasta with Broccoli

"This dish is not only delicious and attractive, but it saves time because you can prepare the pasta and broccoli...

Spaghetti Salad with Italian Dressing

1 review

THIS salad is surprisingly flavorful and light, a refreshing change from a mayonnaise-based dressing. There is a nice contrast of...

Garlic Shrimp Pasta

4 reviews

This recipe is elegant, yet doesn't require hours of working in the kitchen. Everyone agrees it's quite a treat.