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    Honey Cran-Raspberry Pie

    This cranberry raspberry pie is my son Michael's recipe. It was passed down to him when he got married in 2002. The pie is quite tart, but it pairs well with a favorite vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream. —Beverly Batty, Forest Lake, Minnesota

    Marshmallow Raspberry Pie

    1 review

    Talk about scrumptious summer desserts - this one is colorful, cool and sweet. Fresh raspberries are my favorite fruit, and...

    Red, White and Blue Berry Pie

    16 reviews

    To me, this colorful pie is the epitome of summer. Bright blueberries and raspberries sandwich a cream cheese layer in...

    Raspberry Chocolate Tart

    When our son was young, he would gauge his birthday based on when the raspberries were ripe. We'd use the...

    Raspberry Custard Tart

    5 reviews

    Our Test Kitchen created this pretty dessert to help you impress guests at your next gathering. With a yummy raspberry...

    Raspberry Cream Tarts

    Dana Dziedzic of Daggett, Michigan tops a shortbread cookie shell with almond filling and fresh berries to create an appealing...

    Blueberry Raspberry Pie

    6 reviews

    Field editor Earlene Ertelt of Woodburn, Oregon shared this lovely fruity dessert that tastes like summer. She notes, "This is...

    Dutch Rhubarb Pie

    4 reviews

    "I love mixing rhubarb with different fruits, combining its tart goodness with something sweet," says Pam Cheney, who farms 40...

    Raspberry Cherry Pie

    4 reviews

    No one can resist a slice (or two!) of this tart "cherry-berry" pie. Growing up, my sister and I requested...

    Cool Raspberry Peach Pie

    This pretty pie combines two of Mindee Myer's favorite fruits. From Lincoln, Nebraska, she writes, "This recipe makes most of...

    Fresh Glazed Raspberry Pie

    3 reviews

    In Richmond, British Columbia, Ruth Andersson piles fresh berries in a pastry crust, then dresses them up with an easy...

    Strawberry Raspberry Pie

    5 reviews

    "I've never baked a berry pie that keeps its shape when it's sliced like this one," writes Kaye Hopkins of...

    Raspberry Pie with Oat Crust

    18 reviews

    A diabetic for 30 years, I adapted this recipe to fit my needs. When I serve this pie, no one...

    Fresh Berry & Almond Tarts

    2 reviews

    We had a “Taste of Home” party with friends who love to try new recipes. These appetizers were a hit....

    Raspberry-Topped Cream Tarts

    2 reviews

    These tarts are as pretty to look at as they are good to eat! Crispy tortilla cups are filled with...

    Classic Bumbleberry Pie

    1 review

    What a delightful ending to any meal! Apple, raspberries and rhubarb work in unison to create this fresh-flavored pie. —Judy...

    Raspberry-Glazed Pie

    5 reviews

    Everyone raves about this quick and easy summer pie. It's always a bit hit with all ages at parties, picnics...

    Favorite Fresh Raspberry Pie

    33 reviews

    This pretty raspberry pie was practically a staple at our house during the late summer. Our family had raspberry bushes,...

    Raspberry Peach Pie

    7 reviews

    I came up with this recipe when we had a bumper crop of raspberries, and a friend gave me some...

    Berry Pie

    4 reviews

    The recipe for this pie was sent to us by a women who dined with us and said her aunt...

    Chocolate Tart with Cranberry Raspberry Sauce

    With its rich chocolate and fruity flavors, a little bit of this tart goes a long way. The berry-wine sauce...

    Elegant Fresh Berry Tart

    2 reviews

    This elegant tart was my first original creation. If other fresh fruits are used, adjust the simple syrup flavor to...

    Fresh Raspberry Pie

    25 reviews

    Mouthwatering fresh raspberries star in this luscious pie. There's nothing to distract from the tangy berry flavor and gorgeous ruby...

    Raspberry Ribbon Pie

    9 reviews

    While he was growing up, this was my husband's favorite Christmas dessert. When we married, his mother passed it on...

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    Raspberry Lime Pie

    1 review

    —Jane Zempel, Midland, Michigan

    “Red, White and Blue Berry Cream Pie”

    1 review

    This pie is one I frequently make for bake sales at our church. I can hardly ever set it down...

    Fresh Raspberry Lime Pie

    This pie mixes up fast, and the raspberries give it a unique flavor! It's also appealing to the eye.

    Peach Mallow Pie

    2 reviews

    Marshmallows give this dessert a wonderful light texture. I've made it with strawberries and raspberries, too.—Judie Anglen, Riverton, Wyoming

    Glazed Raspberry Pie

    5 reviews

    This tart and creamy treat is shared by Gillian Batchelor of Crescent Valley.
    "The recipe has been passed down...

    Summer Berry Pie

    8 reviews

    Mom puts luscious fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to great use in this cool, refreshing pie. A super dessert on...