Coffee Cake Recipes

Looking for coffee cake recipes? We’ve got the best classic coffee cake recipe, streusel coffee cake recipe, butter coffee cake recipe and more!

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      Air-Fryer Carrot Coffee Cake

      One of the greatest things about the air fryer is it's conducive to making small, quick treats—like this air-fryer carrot cake. The little cake bakes in about 30 minutes and is perfect for enjoying with your morning coffee. —Leigh Rys, Herndon, Virginia

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      How to Make Monkey Bread from Scratch

      Skip the canned biscuits and learn how to make monkey bread from scratch. We'll walk you through the process of...

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      Blueberries and Cream Coffee Cake

      22 reviews

      This blueberry coffee cake is my go-to recipe for all of our holiday get-togethers because it's perfect for breakfast or...

      Gluten-Free Banana Coffee Cake

      2 reviews

      I created this gluten-free coffee cake for people on special diets. Those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs or...

      Caramel-Scotch Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

      3 reviews

      I came up with this cream cheese coffee cake recipe so I could make a delicious brunch treat using convenience...

      Cast-Iron Apple Nutmeg Coffee Cake

      1 review

      I'm not a great baker, but I do love coffee. In an effort to practice my baking, I use up...

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      Our Best Coffee Cake Recipes Ever

      Whether you like yours studded with berries, drizzled with glaze, topped with a crunchy streusel or soaked in caramel sauce,...

      Sticky Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread

      9 reviews

      You can do all the prep work for this monkey bread the night before. I prepare the dough pieces and...

      Pear and Apple Coffee Cake

      3 reviews

      The mix of apples, pears and sour cream gives this coffee cake a moist texture. —Debbie Vanni, Libertyville, Illinois

      Cranberry-Orange Nut Coffee Cake

      1 review

      Guests are delighted with this pastry's tangy cranberry sauce, crunchy pecans and sweet glaze. It's fantastic for brunch or simply...

      Apple Pear Coffee Cake

      17 reviews

      A friend gave me this apple pear coffee cake recipe to make for a breakfast I was hosting. The pan...

      Cranberry Sourdough Coffee Cake

      1 review

      This is an adaptation of a friendship bread. The original recipe called for raisins, but I started using cranberries to...

      Low-Fat Coffee Cake

      4 reviews

      I served this to friends without telling them it was low-fat and nobody ever guessed. They all thought it was...

      Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Coffee Cakes

      2 reviews

      I enjoy making this lovely coffee cake for anniversaries, Valentine's Day and other special occasions. I found the recipe more...

      Swedish Coffee Bread

      One day, I discovered a recipe for these tasty loaves. My wife, Sharon, challenged me to make them. It took...

      Breakfast Cake

      1 review

      "I like to make this quick breakfast treat because I don't have to lug out my big mixer," mentions Cheryl...

      Fast Fruit Cocktail Cake

      1 review

      A convenient can of fruit cocktail is the key to this moist, down-home dessert from Karen Naramore of Gillette, Wyoming....

      Rippled Coffee Cake

      12 reviews

      In Portland, Tennessee, Jane Lear adds a fun layer of brown sugar and cinnamon to a yellow cake mix. "This...

      Cherry Kringle

      3 reviews

      The soft dough in this recipe is so easy to work with. It bakes into a golden tender pastry that...

      Toffee Coffee Cake

      3 reviews

      Candy bar fan Edie Despain of Logan, Utah suggests topping this delightfully moist snack with a dollop of your favorite...

      Coconut Walnut Coffee Cake

      2 reviews

      I love the combination of chocolate, coconut and walnuts in this coffee cake. I serve it warm alongside a cup...

      Cherry Crescent Coffee Cake

      3 reviews

      A can of pie filling and a few tubes of crescent rolls help me assemble this sweet treat. It's the...

      Pineapple Cheese Braid

      2 reviews

      Folks are always pleasantly surprised by this bread's pineapple filling. When in a hurry, I'll use canned pie filling.—Shirley Kensinger,...

      Martha Washington’s Fan

      1 review

      Easter morning would not be the same at our house without this bread. The impressive loaves also make nice Christmas...

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      Maple Apple Bread

      6 reviews

      This decorative bread gives crescent rolls a creative new twist.—June Smith, Byron Center, Michigan

      Cinnamon Cream Cheese Squares

      6 reviews

      I like to make these cream cheese squares for a quick breakfast treat or easy dessert. Even my young daughter...

      Cheese-Filled Coffee Cakes

      5 reviews

      I began collecting interesting recipes years ago when I had dreams of owning a bed-and-breakfast. I never met that goal...

      Maple Nut Coffee Bread

      This recipe makes one large coffee cake, so it's great to take to potlucks. The maple flavorings is a nice...

      Tropical Coffee Cake

      2 reviews

      "My aunt gave me this appealing recipe she often doubles for large groups," writes Alisha Juhnke from her home in...

      Cinnamon-Apricot Daisy Ring

      I submitted this pretty bread to a 4-H competition more than 12 years ago and was named Grand Champion. Since...