Banana Bread Recipes

Banana bread is a great way to use up extra bananas (or those ones that go brown). Put them to use with some classic banana bread recipes.

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Strawberry Banana Muffins

These muffins combine the great moisture of bananas with the vibrant pops of fresh strawberries. Packed with flavor and wholesome fruit in every bite, they're great for a quick breakfast or a snack on the go. —Molly Allen, Hood River, Oregon

Easy Sour Cream Banana Bread

I tweaked my tried and true banana bread recipe to include sour cream. It resulted in a special twist that...

3-Ingredient Banana Bread

This is the perfect banana bread recipe to mix and match with your favorite ingredients. Stir in chopped nuts, dried...

Air-Fryer Banana Bread

Yes, you can make banana bread in the air fryer! This easy air-fryer banana bread recipe is a cinch to...

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25 Banana Bread Recipes You Need to Try

When life gives you mushy bananas, make banana bread! Whether you love it studded with walnuts and chocolate chips or...

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How to Make Joanna Gaines’ Banana Bread Recipe

Joanna serves this banana bread as a school day breakfast for her kids—and your family won't be able to resist...

Slow-Cooker Banana Bread

3 reviews

I love to use my slow cooker. I started to experiment with making bread in it so I wouldn’t have...

Pumpkin Banana Muffins

6 reviews

These pumpkin banana muffins are the perfect bite-sized snack for fall. —Desiree Rasch, Blue Springs, Missouri

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Cast-Iron Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

17 reviews

I love this cast-iron banana bread because it cooks evenly every time. The end result is so moist and delicious!...

Gluten-Free Banana Coffee Cake

2 reviews

I created this gluten-free coffee cake for people on special diets. Those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs or...

Double Cranberry Banana Bread

4 reviews

We love quick breads, and I've found that they freeze nicely if properly wrapped. This is a scrumptious recipe to...

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Walnut Banana Bread

29 reviews

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I bake 200 loaves of bread.—Douglas Jennings, Ottawa, Kansas

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Easy Banana Bread

45 reviews

I watch several youngsters each day while their parents are at work. They come running when I announce it's time...

Banana-Nut Cornbread

7 reviews

A boxed cornbread mix gets a tasty treatment when dressed up with bananas and chopped walnuts. These moist golden loaves...

Banana Nut Muffins

32 reviews

A scattering of chopped nuts adds crunch to these moist, taste-tempting treats. They're the best banana nut muffins I've found....

Chocolate Banana Muffins

55 reviews

I bake something almost every day—either in the morning before everyone's awake or in the evening. I whip up these...

Pineapple Banana Muffins

2 reviews

From Merritt Island, Florida, Grace Bryant writes, "Sometimes I prepare the dry ingredients and wet ingredients the night before and...

Monkey Muffins

70 reviews

These bite-sized peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip muffins will be a favorite with your family and friends. They are...

Banana Eggnog Bread

13 reviews

This time of year, one of my favorite snacks is warm banana bread with a glass of nog. I decided...

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Banana Buttermilk Muffins

21 reviews

Like my father, I love to spend time in the kitchen inventing new recipes. There are a few pleasures greater...

Banana Macadamia Muffins

17 reviews

These muffins taste even better the next day, so to save time, I often make them the night before. They...

Carrot Banana Bread

22 reviews

I received this from my mother-in-law, and it's become my favorite banana carrot bread recipe. The carrots add a special...

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Poppy Seed Banana Muffins

4 reviews

This recipe is a regular in our home so I keep batches of the dry ingredients already mixed together as...

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Banana Nut Bread

5 reviews

This quick bread is a family favorite, so I always try to have ripe bananas on hand for this recipe....

Jumbo Banana-Pecan Muffins

9 reviews

These tender muffins are topped with a delightful streusel. They make a great treat for Christmas morning when served with...

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Raspberry Banana Bread

13 reviews

A patient at the doctor's office where I work brought in this bread one morning while it was still warm....

Beernana Bread

11 reviews

Really, it's simple arithmetic…or something like that: Beer is good. Banana bread is good. Beernana bread is great! Even guys...

Jumbo Caramel Banana Muffins

61 reviews

Love banana bread? These flavorful muffins, drizzled with sweet caramel icing, will fit the bill in a big way. —Katherine...

Winter Squash Banana Bread

1 review

“I modified my usual recipe when I couldn’t find any zucchini at the grocery store,” relates Violet Rundels of Waverly,...

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Banana Coffee Cake

19 reviews

You're sure to go crazy over this yummy banana coffee cake topped with cinnamon, sugar and pecans. This recipe is...

Chocolate Banana Bran Muffins

1 review

So easy to make, these treats are healthy but still satisfy my chocolate-loving family. Stir in raisin bran instead of...