Banana Bread Recipes

Banana bread is a great way to use up extra bananas (or those ones that go brown). Put them to use with some classic banana bread recipes.

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    How to Make Joanna Gaines’ Banana Bread Recipe

    Joanna serves this banana bread as a school day breakfast for her kids—and your family won't be able to resist it, either.

    Slow-Cooker Banana Bread

    2 reviews

    I love to use my slow cooker. I started to experiment with making bread in it so I wouldn’t have...

    We Tested 4 Banana Bread Recipes—Here’s What You Need to Know

    We put four of our top-rated banana bread recipes to the test. Find out which you should be making at...

    12 Ways to Upgrade Your Banana Bread

    We all love a cozy loaf of banana bread. But next time you stir up this simple bake, why not...

    Pumpkin Banana Muffins

    3 reviews

    These pumpkin banana muffins are the perfect bite-sized snack for fall. —Desiree Rasch, Blue Springs, Missouri

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    Cast-Iron Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

    9 reviews

    I love this cast-iron banana bread because it cooks evenly every time. The end result is so moist and delicious!...

    Gluten-Free Banana Coffee Cake

    2 reviews

    I created this gluten-free coffee cake for people on special diets. Those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs or...

    Double Cranberry Banana Bread

    4 reviews

    We love quick breads, and I've found that they freeze nicely if properly wrapped. This is a scrumptious recipe to...

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    24 of Our Best Banana Bread Recipes

    Whether you like yours studded with nuts, glazed on top or just chock-full of pure banana flavor, we've got the...

    Streusel Fruit Bread

    This recipe has been handed down through the years in my family. I scaled it down and the result is...

    Banana Meringue Muffins

    "My daughter was young when I first baked these treats filled with bananas, cherries and walnuts," recalls James Bogdanovitch of...

    Apricot-Banana Quick Bread

    1 review

    Banana and apricots lend sugary flavor to this tasty quick bread, and the addition of wheat germ gives it a...

    Banana Praline Muffins

    1 review

    Add something extra to the next time you make banana muffins: Pralines! This recipe replicates the taste of the lovely...

    Banana Fruit Mini Loaves

    2 reviews

    Plenty of goodies come in these little breads. The recipe is from my aunt, who always baked homemade treats for...

    Whole Wheat Banana Bread

    2 reviews

    "A hint of orange livens up this moist and nutty banana bread," says Kathy Merrick from Hammond, Indiana. "I've taken...

    Banana-Zucchini Bread

    71 reviews

    My grandmother made this zucchini banana bread for as long as I can remember, and I've been making it ever...

    Go Bananas Crumb Bread

    4 reviews

    We get a lot of rain in Oregon, and I often find myself cooking and baking to help keep the...

    Coconut Banana Bread

    7 reviews

    White chocolate is the wonderfully different addition to this tropical-tasting bread. The moist slices are so scrumptious, they disappear as...

    Beernana Bread

    11 reviews

    Really, it's simple arithmetic…or something like that: Beer is good. Banana bread is good. Beernana bread is great! Even guys...

    Bran Banana Muffins

    9 reviews

    Several years ago I experimented with a banana muffin recipe by adding bran cereal. I loved the results and have...

    Banana Mocha-Chip Muffins

    8 reviews

    These moist muffins combine my two favorite things—chocolate and coffee. The banana is just an added flavor bonus. —Melissa Williams,...

    Banana Wheat Bread

    6 reviews

    A subtle banana flavor comes through in this moist whole wheat loaf. Flecked with poppy seeds, the sweet slices are...

    Monkey Muffins

    67 reviews

    These bite-sized peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip muffins will be a favorite with your family and friends. It's also...

    Special Banana Nut Bread

    128 reviews

    This extra-special banana bread makes a wonderful gift for friends and neighbors. The recipe makes two loaves, so I can...

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    Makeover Banana Nut Bread

    19 reviews

    This slimmed-down banana bread with applesauce is one of our favorite ways to make banana bread. On top...

    Banana and Nut Bread

    26 reviews

    This banana nut bread smells heavenly in the oven and comes out moist and chock-full of flavor and crunchy nuts.

    Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

    60 reviews

    Combining two favorite flavors—rich chocolate and ripe bananas—makes these muffins doubly good. —Donna Brockett, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

    Judy’s Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

    27 reviews

    I received this chocolate chip banana recipe from my co-worker and dear friend, Judy, years ago. When she gave it...

    Good Ol’ Banana Muffins

    6 reviews

    These golden old-fashioned muffins are a great treat anytime.—Clyde Blount, Pearl, Mississippi

    Moist Pineapple Banana Bread

    49 reviews

    Our four kids like slices of this moist tropical-tasting banana bread for breakfast. I sometimes bake it in mini loaf...