Cooking for Two

Don’t get stuck with days of leftovers! These cooking for two dinners, sides and more will satifsy without filling your fridge.

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      Cheddar Souffle

      1 review

      MY mother-in-law gave me this recipe many years ago, and I served it to my husband every year on our...

      Special Seafood Skillet

      Since fresh seafood is so readily available here on the Atlantic Coast, seafood recipes are quite popular. This is an...

      Two-Cheese Linguine

      5 reviews

      An easy cheese sauce turns ordinary pasta into a special side dish that's the perfect accompaniment to the steaks.

      French Green Beans

      1 review

      Frozen green beans get tasty herb flavor from rosemary and basil while toasted almonds add crunch.

      Italian Turkey Breast

      "My husband, Hal, and I enjoy this Italian-style turkey dish as a delightful change of pace," says Helen Vail of...

      Easy Peach Melba Dessert

      1 review

      THIS pretty dessert is an impressive end to any meal. Refreshing and light, it's just the right touch for every...

      Salad with Hot Italian Dressing

      I CREATED this recipe for a special dinner for our wedding anniversary, which is April 11.
      That's the perfect...

      Herbed Chicken Omelet

      Tender chunks of leftover chicken provide a nice change of pace from the usual ham in the omelet Sonja Blow...

      Ole Omelet

      2 reviews

      "My family loves omelets after church on Sundays," comments Karen Stephens of Noble, Illinois. "These cook quickly and satisfy big...

      Pineapple Cooler

      1 review

      In Littlerock, California, Michelle Blumberg stirs up this mild and refreshing beverage in a jiffy. Lemon juice cuts the sweetness...

      Tomato-Topped Chicken

      4 reviews

      Tomato slices and basil give garden-fresh flavor to this moist, tender chicken from Ruth Andrewson of Leavenworth, Washington. "I keep...

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      Maple-Nut Baked Apples

      NOW THAT our children have all married, baked apples are a perfect dessert for the two of us. These are...

      Orange Banana Salad

      1 review

      I CAME up with this salad when an unexpected guest showed up for lunch and I had to "make do"...

      Apple Graham Dessert

      1 review

      MY favorite after-school snack was applesauce with graham crackers. I started cooking and baking when I was a very young...

      French Onion Soup with Provolone

      7 reviews

      I adapted a basic recipe to copy the onion soup served at my favorite restaurant. No matter what my entree,...

      Popovers for Two

      3 reviews

      This recipe has been handed down through my family, and I've had it for almost 50 years. My husband and...

      Italian Pretzels

      1 review

      These super-easy, microwave-quick munchies are always a hit at parties. They disappear so fast, I have to make a double-batch...

      Guacamole Dip

      7 reviews

      SINCE guacamole is a favorite in this area with its emphasis on Mexican food, I decided to create my own...

      Taco-Topped Potato

      2 reviews

      THIS quick-and-easy recipe fits in well with a busy schedule.
      Along with a garden salad, it makes a nice...

      Tomatoes with Basil-Garlic Dressing

      IN SUMMER when it's peak time for fresh ripe tomatoes, this is the salad to serve!
      Meaty tomatoes topped...

      Hamburger Stroganoff for Two

      4 reviews

      I've been making this simple yet satisfying dish for more than 25 years," relates Aline Christenot of Chester, Montana. "Just...

      Simple Stuffed Potatoes

      1 review

      "I stumbled onto this concoction when trying to use up leftovers in our refrigerator," relates Delorus Krizan of Dallas, South...

      Breaded Pork Chops for Two

      4 reviews

      I came up with this recipe to serve something a little different for just my husband and me. We love...

      Mocha Souffles

      Anytime I want a special treat just for my husband, Al, and me, I make these souffles.—Andrea Thomas, Gaithersburg, Maryland

      Biscuits for 2

      15 reviews

      I created this recipe in a larger quantity to enter in the Kentucky State Fair. It won first place! Since...

      Carrot Cheese Soup

      1 review

      I THOUGHT this sounded like a compatible mix of ingredients when I read the recipe for the first time -...

      Fruity Oatmeal

      2 reviews

      "I never liked oatmeal until my mom found this wonderful combination of uncooked oats and fresh fruit," shares teenager Sarah...