Which Are the Healthiest Wendy’s Salads?

Some Wendy's salads can be a healthy eater's BFF—but you have to choose wisely.

While most people might (rightfully) associate Wendy’s with its unique square burgers and deliciously decadent Frostys, our favorite fast food chain does have other, healthier items on the menu. When you need to eat something quick but with a little more protein and fiber, a salad might be a good option, and there are quite a few Wendy’s salads you can try.

All the leafy options are tasty, but if you’re bypassing the burger lineup to save on calories, not every Wendy’s salad is a good option. It’s hard to make the best choice when you’re buzzing through the drive-thru window, so we’ve listed Wendy’s salads (from highest to lowest calorie counts) along with other nutritional content.

The calorie counts include two packets of dressing. Since the dressings all come on the side, you can cut the calories a bit on each salad by using less dressing. While half-salads were some customers’ go-to for cutting down on portion size, Wendy’s discontinued them a couple years ago, so unfortunately those are no longer an option.

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Comparing Calories in Wendy’s Favorites

To give you some points of reference, here are some other popular choices from the Wendy’s menu:

  • Dave’s single burger: 590 calories
  • Small chocolate Frosty: 350 calories
  • Small fry: 260 calories
  • 4-piece chicken nuggets: 180 calories

Calories in Wendy’s Salads

We got the details on every Wendy’s salad. Here they are, from most calories to least.

Wendy’s Southwest Avocado Salad

Wendys Southwestern Avocado Salad Via @Wendys/Facebook.com

The Southwest avocado chicken salad may seem a little bit high in fat, but it’s delicious—and it comes with chicken! The protein is sitting pretty on romaine lettuce with pepper jack cheese, diced tomatoes, avocado, applewood smoked bacon and Southwest ranch dressing.

Calories: 700

  • 41 grams of protein
  • 53 grams of fat
  • 6 grams of fiber

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Wendy’s Taco Salad

Wendys Taco Salad Via Wendys Facebook.com SqVia @Wendys/Facebook.com

If you’re looking for a little crunch and some kick, the taco salad is just the ticket. Along with the salad blend (romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese), the taco salad has salsa, sour cream, tortilla chips and Wendy’s famous chili.

Calories: 690

  • 29 grams of protein
  • 32 grams of fat
  • 12 grams of fiber

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Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Wendys Apple Pecan Chicken Salad Via @Wendys/Facebook.com

This salad is chock-full of red and green apples, dried cranberries, chicken, roasted pecans, crumbled blue cheese and pomegranate vinaigrette.

Calories: 640

  • 39 grams of protein
  • 29 grams of fat
  • 5 grams of fiber

Try our “Wendy’s” Apple Pomegranate Salad—it has pecans and walnuts.

Wendy’s Parmesan Caesar Salad

Wendys Parmesan Ceasar Salad Via Wendys.com

This Wendy’s salad meal has a blend of romaine lettuce, Italian cheeses, croutons, Parmesan crisps and Caesar dressing, all topped off with a healthy dose of protein in the form of a grilled chicken breast.

Calories: 580

  • 43 grams of protein
  • 42 grams of fat
  • 3 grams of fiber

These are the healthy fast food places you want to head to when you’re in a rush—but still want to eat well!

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