People Are Making Blooming Marshmallow Flowers That Open in Hot Cocoa

These blooming marshmallows might be even more captivating than hot cocoa bombs.

The past year has proven that if given enough time indoors, people will come up with amazing DIY projects to entertain themselves—and the public. We found out how to make hot cocoa bombs at home, and then TikTok users upped the ante by creating a massive hot cocoa bomb. Now, the next cocoa trends involves making a blooming marshmallow.

OK, What’s a Blooming Marshmallow?

In simplest terms, these marshmallows look like closed flowers, and once you add them to a cup of hot cocoa, the petals start expanding. It’s a visual trick that tastes as good as it looks!

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Some versions are simpler while others are more elaborately decorated, but the general premise remains the same. You can check out the recipe from our friends at Totally the Bomb.

You start by making the marshmallows from scratch with corn syrup, water, unflavored gelatin and sugar. Then, you spread the mixture into a baking sheet dusted with corn starch and powdered sugar and wait until it sets up.

The secret that makes marshmallow flowers bloom is a base of melted chocolate. You spread the chocolate thinly in silicone molds, then use a flower-shaped cookie cutter to form the shapes and decorate them how you like. The marshmallow flowers are placed into the chocolate cups.

The final step is adding the fruits of your labor to a hot beverage and watching them bloom!

How to Make a Blooming Marshmallow That’s Perfect for You

You can decorate the marshmallow flowers in so many ways. I like the idea of using food coloring to paint and decorate the marshmallow petals. Many of the versions online use candy pearls in the center, but we think colored sugar would also work nicely. To change the marshmallow’s flavor, add flavorings like vanilla or peppermint or make a vegan version using agar powder instead of gelatin.

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